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» Battle Reports » ReCoRDiNG Iraq Vs. AuSieJacK Iraq

Author:Chris (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
ReCoRDiNG +28 beat AuSieJacK -28

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:8 minutes

Members Only Video Replay AvailableThis was the first game I've recorded while playing online in tournament mode. Though it was just a test to see how it'd come out in terms of lag, FPS and such it became clear later that it would count as the final in the CNCSeries tournament.

Despite a few mistakes, this game was very enjoyable and very hectic. As you can see in the video, I was placed at the bottom left, with jack at the diagonal opposite top right. I sent some dogs around the map and comfortably captured the tech buildings on my side of the map. Jack did the same, though I troubled him for a moment with a dog at the bottom right derrick.

Both of us built a drone before tanks from our warfactories and succesfully droned a tank of eachother. I went for an outproducing / aggressive play style, as I rapidly placed a couple war factories one after the other. It didn't take too long before I clearly had more tanks than Jack. Hence, I decided to push and attack. Both of us had our tank forces in the middle, accompanied with 9 conscripts from waves of paradrops. Using my advantage of superior numbers I decided to attack and mananged to do that quite succesfully.

However, I got a bit too confident and followed Jack's tanks to his war factory. There, where I met quite heavy resistance in the form of fodder, sentry guns, tanks and paradrops. Had I gone up the cliff instead of the middle right I would probably have ended this game alot sooner.

Anyway, that didn't happen so I had to resort to my original tactic. After fending off my intial force, I decided to rush in on Jack once more. I took my newly produced tanks to the bottom right level where I took out Jack's miner. Also, I took 3 tanks and suicided them on his Construction Yard. Things weren't looking too bright for Jack now.

But for a moment I thought I would lose as Jack's larger amount of tanks (I basically suicided mine into his buildings, setting me back in numbers quite a bit) because my money counter had hit 0. Hitting 0 is extremely annoying when you're the defender, because you will need sentry guns and fodder to keep your opponent from killing you. Luckily I managed to hold off Jack with some fast clicking and good tank control.

A paradrop at the bottom right was taking out several of Jack's buildings in the meantime. Jack was now completely crippled, with only one war factory to my 4 and no construction yard left to build a new one. After exchanging some words, he resigned.

Some screens are attached.

Original recording file size was 468mb, after converting I changed it to about 26mb. Enjoy!
vs_jack_1.jpg (214kb, 395 downloads)
vs_jack_2.jpg (224kb, 348 downloads)
vs_jack_3.jpg (211kb, 346 downloads)
vs_jack_4.jpg (229kb, 349 downloads)
vs_jack_5.jpg (231kb, 350 downloads)
vs_jack_6.jpg (235kb, 338 downloads)
vs_jack_7.jpg (205kb, 345 downloads)
vs_jack_8.jpg (205kb, 325 downloads)
vs_jack_9.jpg (212kb, 341 downloads)

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