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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. brutalai America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
robofcncs +24 beat brutalai -24

Map:Hammer and Sickle
Game Length:30 minutes

I lost a very, very close game to this fellow a few weeks ago, so this was a good one to win.

I started off in top left to his bottom right, but he failed to stretch to the gems immediately which was a bit odd. I was going to go for a drone/engy flak attempt on his MCV, but he managed to scout out a few bits of my base - whether he saw the engineer or not I don't know.

I sent the flak down the left-hand side of the map - he must have been aware of its presence as pillboxes and dogs suddenly sprang up around his base. Meanwhile, I had sent my tanks to the middle island - it was clear I was going to have to distract him. I sent them across the bridge and managed to kill most of his tanks, however, he just managed to fend me off. This went on for a minute or two when I sent a few more tanks. I tried to send the flak in from the other side, and certainly would have succeeded had I not done it so hastily - he saw it coming and managed to destroy it.

I know had around 5 tanks - I grouped them all up on the main island and sent my MCV towards it. He was hassling with a rocketeer at this point, but a flak soon sorted that out. I also managed to prevent a few paradrops into my base with ease.

A brief tank battle commenced on the main island, but once my MCV was deployed and I had a sentry gun he had to beat a hasty retreat. Que a lull.

He was obviously starting to run a bit short on money now - I had two war facs and was starting to out-tank him quickly. However, I chose to be patient instead of attacking across the bridge where several pillboxes lay. As I'd brought a few miners over to the middle, the gems started to churn it - I had plenty of spare cash. Que a few sea scorpions (he had a few harriers) and a dreadnought. This quickly did for his war factory and refineries. He sent his MCV across the bridge and to the bottom left starting point. I sent a few of my tanks to my base just in case.

My dreadnought picked away at his base, then I sent a few tanks and desolators at his expansion. I repaired the bridge to his original base, sending in my tanks. Gradually, I started destroying both bases simultaneously. Seeing that it was only a matter of time, he decided to call it quits.

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