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» Battle Reports » KriM America Vs. revival Iraq

Author:Kr1M (View More)
Game:Red Alert
Type:Quick Match
KriM +40 beat revival -40

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:Unknown

The tension between us was big after his upsetting defeat last game. I can tell his anger is what dove him to lose this game.

I was on right and did a standard bo. Power, Ref, Rax, Warf 2 miners grizz. I scouted his base and realized he was going straight tanks. I had a sentry gun ready and cancelled my second miner and went straight tanks. He rallypointed histanks to my base and he attack with his 3 rhinos vs. my 2 grizz, but a well placed sentry owned his attack. Now he was like OMFG, I sold my fac! lol. He was very poor and I was in the riches, so I made mroe tanks and saw him move his base up to the gems. I decided to wait for my paras. When they were ready, I placed them at his old base near his fac while my tank force, which trippled his, went up the cliff. gg, i cant imagine how pissed he was. Tongueh34r:

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