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» Battle Reports » KriM America Vs. revival Iraq

Author:Kr1M (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
KriM +47 beat revival -47

Map:Depth Charge
Game Length:Unknown

I've never been so lucky in my life. I came into this game being 0-4 vs c0z, so I was definately shocked when I won, especcially since I played horribly.

I was on left. I was kind of careless because c0z is a way better player than me and i was sure i was gonna lose. I made my power and barracks. I made 1 dog and 4 engies while my ref was building. I made airforce command, with 2 rockies, then a warf. Whikle it was building, I sent my two rockies to pick off his engies and miserably failed when he got one engi in and placed a flak cannon immediately. My rockies died.

He now controlled the entire center and I knew my nighthawk full of engis could only help in one way. I didnt qued tanks but I had so little money I didnt got like 2 tanks. While his force of tanks in the amphibous transport seized my base, I captured his base, rax, power, and ref. And by that time I had a para dropped on the island. He was dumbfounded and hesitated instead of killing my afc, so I got another para. I killed his navy. I also had a fac, another miner, and another ref, with 2 tanks and myarmy of para. He sent his transport in my base and lost to my leet and veteran GI's and 2 tanks. When it was over I had 3 gis, 2 leet one vet. In the attack I also killed his transports. Now he was stuck on his island with a power plant, flak cannon, and warf.

He resigned after realizing a dread was coming. +47, OmfG!!!!

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