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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Iraq Vs. f1reburn2 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackosdad beat f1reburn2

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:7 minutes

The sixth game of my cycle against Paul was on South Pacific, a map on which Korea are fairly useful. I knew I would have to push early on - not fancying my chances later in the game.

I sent a few dogs and engineers from my barracks, quickly capturing the airport, the closest derrick and then withdrawing the third engineer when Paul left a dog by the bottom right derrick (I had started in the top right). I scouted to the edge of Paul's base (a pillbox saw for my dog) and the top left - but not the left middle.

I placed my war factory by the airport and quickly sent a drone at the dog Paul had left by my derrick - this allowed me to capture it with my engineer. I then used the drone to kill a few more dogs, before moving it to the middle along with my first few tanks. I made my paradrop there immediately, getting ready for an early push.

Paul was queing straight tanks at the entrance to his base, as well as his paradrop in front. I had a few dogs, so had slightly more fodder. Noting that Paul had built an AFC, I decided it was time to attack - before Eagles caused too much damage.

I pushed forwards with my tanks, quickly squashing all his infantry before he could react. I now had fodder and a tank advantage - I made short work of his tanks, then chose to charge into his base where I had also made a paradrop.

Given my build order, one more refinery before my second war factory, I was producing units quickly. Noticing that he was starting to pump out rocketeers, I qued a number of flak traks and placed flak cannons around my base.

My initial attack was still going strong - I killed a miner or two and destroyed his war factory. I then moved north with a tank split to distract him while I made a paradrop by his MCV and refinery. The group of conscripts quickly killed the refinery and took the MCV right into the red before he reacted. I sent in a tank to kill his MCV off.

Paul had made a good paradrop in my top right base, but had obviously forgotten about it. I placed a sentry there and then moved my MCV to the middle, stretching a barracks and flak cannon to combat the eagles that were still proving annoying.

With several tanks, flak traks and a nice collection of fodder, Paul knew it was game over. He promptly resigned. Six in a row.

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