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» Battle Reports » jackosdad Iraq Vs. f1reburn2 Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackosdad beat f1reburn2

Map:Cold War
Game Length:36 minutes

This was a brilliant game. But, to be quite honest, I didn't enjoy it - I spent the last quarter of an hour practically tearing my hair out and wondering how the hell I could be about to lose it, after dominating throughout. Paul came back from seemingly nowhere, and ended up only a few buildings short of winning.

I started in the top left, quickly taking the various derricks and the airport close to me. I scouted out portions of the map, but didn't see Paul's base. I stretched to the gems in the top middle as soon as my war factory was ready. With straight tanks, I now had an advantage. I chose to go naval and tech up early. Paul also went naval fairly early, building a few destroyers. However, with squids, scorpions and subs, I was always going to be ahead. However, I sat back, noticing that a few dolphins were arriving. I built an iron curtain before losing my first battle lab to eagles.

This allowed me to help dominate the sea eventually. I used the iron curtain on my subs, rendering his dolphins useless - I had out-produced him anyway, opting to go for two naval yards to his one.

Unfortunately, I had lost my derrick in the bottom left, to a rocketeer/eagle combo. However, I had killed his middle derrick with a kirov, as well as another one with a paradrop, making use of the explosive barrels by the derricks. This stood me in better economic stead. With this in mind, I chose to build a nuke silo and nuclear reactor. Surely this would end Paul's chances. No.

Despite controlling the water, I lost a dreadnought when his eagles took out my only sea scorpion - units that I had frequently being calling on to attack his extremely annoying rocketeers. However, I did manage to take out another derrick before he destroyed it.

The next series of events were ones that I'm sure Paul will remember for a long, long time. He practically wiped out half of my base with a small group of rocketeers. Now, I did have a spattering of flak cannons here and there, but not flak traks (though I was sure I had qued some at one point). He managed to capture my nuclear reactor (with an engineer IFV), which meant I had no power. He picked at my MCV and various other structures, eventually deciding to go for my silo. I had no choice but to sell it, whilst hastily constructing another nuclear reactor. Paul continued to wreak havoc, destroying various buildings. I was running out of cash at this point, despite having moved to the bottom left earlier and also having taken the middle island with a mixture of tanks and paradrops - placing multiple flak cannons there to hold off his thread.

Meanwhile, Paul had built a chronosphere and a weather storm device. He used his first chronosphere to send a few mirage tanks to the middle island - I had 10 tanks here so it wasn't an issue. I had just curtained these 10 tanks and destroyed any structures of his in the bottom right, plus a good number of his mirage tanks before retreating.

I was busy trying to restore income (despite there being neglible resources left), while Paul made his next superweapon attacks - a weather storm that took out my battle lab and only remaining war factory. I had already scattered my units, so impact to them was minimal. His next attack was a chronosphere of around 6 or 7 prism tanks right behind my MCV. Needless to say, I lost it. I also lost the iron curtain right next to it, plus my nuclear reactor after his Eagles finished off the job of the prism tanks just when I thought it was safe.

With only a few structures left (flak cannons which were useless mainly), I had to attack. I had managed to build quite a few flak traks in the middle (before losing my buildings there due to another weather storm), so left a few of them at my base in case he attacked via the air.

I sent the rest of my units to his base. There were numerous tanks and hundreds of conscripts (my free paradrops had been adding up nicely). I attacked his mirage army head on, eventually killing it off with two score of tanks remaining. Noticing a few IFVs departing from his base, I sent a few tanks back to my own one.

However, it was to be irrelevant, I quickly destroyed all his buildings, not wanting to take any chances at all. I had already had enough set backs during the course of this game to last me a lifetime. I won, with but a few flak cannons and sentry guns remaining.

Great game, but I nearly had a heart attack several times.

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