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» Battle Reports » jackocncs Iraq Vs. isuxsbad America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Custom Match
jackocncs beat isuxsbad

Map:South Pacific
Game Length:7 minutes

I had been looking forward to this CNCSeries.Com Tournament II match-up for some time - for I know that both players are excellent at the chosen map, South Pacific. Whilst Jacko was proclaiming his tiredness due to the later hour in Australia, I knew it would be of little consequence - he plays better in the dawn hours.

Jacko started in the bottom left, placing his power and barracks down slightly quicker than Chris. Jacko sent a dog straight to Chris' corner of the map (top right), while building a few engineers and sending dogs to guard them to the derricks and airport on his side of the map. Meanwhile, Chris chose to send a batch of dogs towards the middle - two of which were promptly eaten by Jacko's scouting dog. He placed a pillbox in his base in an attempt to kill the dog before it ate his engineer, but I don't think Jacko was ever interested in eating them.

Both war factories went up quickly, with Jacko opting for an early drone. It saw for one of Chris' dogs in the middle, then managed to snag one of his tanks by his war factory (placed by the airport). This was to prove a turning point. With straight tanks, Jacko now had the advantage. He began to hassle Chris, threatening to attack his bottom derrick, then moving into the middle. Meanwhile, Chris went for an AFC, while Jacko continued to stretch from his base with another war factory. It should be noted, at this point, that Chris failed to scout Jacko's half of the map.

Seemingly, Jacko didn't like the idea of Chris having double-paradrops, making a beeline straight for his AFC. At the same moment, Jacko's paradrop arrived, providing him with plenty of fodder - enough to put off Chris' dogs and pillbox. After receiving his own paradrop (from the airport), Chris managed to push Jacko back. But he had suffered heavy damages.

Jacko gathered his tanks and sent a split to Chris' bottom derrick - he attacked a miner and then removed his refinery, before falling back into the middle. He then sent his tanks to the top base, attacking the refinery there and various units. Again, he was eventually beaten off, with the help of fodder and pillboxes.

Chris managed to use a trio of rocketeers to help beat off the attack, then pushed forwards with them towards Jacko's base, where he had no air protection. After picking off a tank or two, a lone flak trak began chasing them to all parts of the map.

Both players came to the middle at this point, Chris coming back into the game thanks to his double paradrops (he had rebuilt his AFC) and expanded to the bottom derrick with another refiney (Jacko had done the same in the top left). With his group of GIs, Chris had just about enough to pose a threat - so Jacko went for a desolator. At the same time, he made a paradrop on the bottom refinery, which Chris just managed to hold off - but whilst he was doing this he paid little attention to activities in the middle. Jackos tanks drove towards Chris' grizzlies, causing immediate damage, whilst the desolator did for most of the infantry units. Another brief tank war ensued, with Jacko coming out on top.

He moved his tanks towards the airport, killing the war factory before making short work of the rest of it. Meanwhile, Chris made a paradrop in Jacko's base - a sentry gun appeared immediately, showing that Jacko was well prepared, despite his aggressive stance during the whole game.

There was little left for Chris to do now, but to sit back and watch as Jacko's rhinos rolled over the remanents of his base. A fast game, which Jacko ultimately won through taking the advantage immediately.

drone_strikes.jpg (152kb, 356 downloads)
early_situation.jpg (147kb, 277 downloads)
first_battle.jpg (149kb, 289 downloads)
first_split.jpg (142kb, 268 downloads)
first_split_refinery_destroyed.jpg (133kb, 282 downloads)
base_attack.jpg (160kb, 364 downloads)
base_attack_beaten_off.jpg (160kb, 280 downloads)
to_the_middle.jpg (127kb, 300 downloads)
battle_for_the_middle.jpg (127kb, 286 downloads)
airport_destroyed.jpg (149kb, 272 downloads)
brief_resistance.jpg (148kb, 340 downloads)

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