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» Battle Reports » robofcncs America Vs. ephemeral Korea

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
robofcncs beat ephemeral

Map:Sovereign Land
Game Length:29 minutes

It started with a touch of apprehension on Jacko's side; apparently he remembered me beating him on this map some time ago.

A little lay down on the map first, as it's not a quickmatch one you may not be familiar with it. The bases are in two corners, with a landmass in the middle connected by bridges, offering four derricks, ore/gems and a small village with lots of garrisonsable buildings. With this in mind, I chose to play as America.

The game started off well for me, I ate one of Jackos dogs and managed to kill the other with a harrier before it scouted my base. I uncovered a good part of the shroud. My build order, given the map, was ore, afc, ore, ore, ore, bar, bar - or something along those lines. I built rocketeers and harriers, as well as a few engineers which I took some derricks on my side of the main island with. From here I built a refinery and quickly moved all my miners there.

Meanwhile, I had paradropped into the main island and secured several buildings in the village. We were having a few rocketeer skirmishes at this point, and I decided I needed tanks to fend off his IFVs. I placed a war factory by my derrick and built a few grizzlies, as well as a few IFVs of my own. I tried attacking Jackos derrick (which had a refinery and barrack/patriot), unfortunately failing and losing 3 harriers in the process.

Thus commenced a brief lull; I moved all of my units onto the gem patch in between the derricks, which was a good move. I built a refinery close by and used all of my miners to harvest them. This extra cash allowed me to pump out a few more tanks and IFVs than Jacko - my paratroopers were also piling up, helping me secure the gems despite a failed attack on his part. By now Jacko had a few Black Eagles - however, I had too much AA in the action area for him to use them effectively. He was forced to attack buildings in my original base, which wasn't a problem.

We both decided to tech up at this point - I went for mirages whilst Jacko went for 3 prism tanks. He tried attacking, but I pushed forwards with my grizzlies and managed to destroy all of his land units. My IFVs made short work of his remaining rocketeers. I now began destroying all his buildings in this secondary base - the game was practically won.

After destroying them, I sent my units around the side towards his original base - my rocketeers were now also massed up; I attacked his AFC with them, making sure his Black Eagles became useless.

Once my tank force arrived it was all but over. Little resistance was to be had, as they rolled over his base in ruthless fashion. An enjoyable game had come to end - a memorable victory, despite Jacko's protests of it not being a proper map.

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