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» Battle Reports » ephemeral America Vs. sovbeast Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
sovbeast +24 beat ephemeral -24

Map:Tournament Map B
Game Length:7 minutes


caliessux had asked for a rematch, so I went into qm again only to be matched instead with Sash(sovbeast). A bit of background, Sash is generally regarded as the only player who can really compete with Tomi. I've beaten him before in an Iraq vs Iraq game, but I wasn't sure how my allies would stand up to the task, especially on this map.

I start on the right side and we make a 'no engi eating' agreement. I see he's going for a quick dread, as most soviet players do on this map, so I realise I need to take out his cy or lab before he can get one out. I catch him napping for a second, as my 5 tanks half kill his cy before he reacts. I manage to kill it, but not without losing 4 of them. I figure it's worth it, because although he had a lab up, he hadn't yet managed to place his naval before I killed his cy. I promptly kill his battle lab with a couple of rockies, and then start playing defensively because I knew I'd win in a long battle as he didn't have a ref close to his other ore patch and couldn't make one.

I was feeling pretty good at this point, being up 2 war facs to one. However, he brings all his tanks across, and I can't meet him in the open yet so I stall with pillboxes as long as I can. I end up making a really bad move however which ends up in most of my plastic tanks dying horrible deaths, and so he ends up winning.

Looking back I could have naval stretched and gone to sleep, but he seemed a nice guy and I didn't want to ruin what was a pretty good game.

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