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» Battle Reports » robofcncs Iraq Vs. f1reburn America

Author:Rob (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
robofcncs beat f1reburn

Map:Pinch Point
Game Length:18 minutes

What an interesting match this was - coming down to a very unlikely method of victory in the end. I had enjoyed several well fought games with Paul on this map prior to this particular game, but this was without doubt the most memorable.

Knowing that we had both gone for a few miners quite early in previous games, and that Paul would be tempted to go for an early AFC, I decided to go for straight tanks. We both scouted out each other rather well - so there was no disguising my actions.

After placing and selling my second refinery I immediately sold my MCV to give me a cash boost. I sent all my units to the middle, which included about 4 tanks and several dogs (plus the fodder from the MCV). Paul actually thought I'd moved my MCV before he saw all the fodder - so he knew he had to brace for the all out attack.

Predictably, he had gone for that early AFC - so I did have a decent tank advantage. I chose to sway out of the way of pillboxes, killing off his MCV and then most of his tanks. However, with the help of a harrier, he managed to dent my force somewhat - thought I was certainly about to wrap it up with my next 3 tanks from the middle.

Things turned at this point. A perfectly placed paradrop accounted for my war factory. I had sold my barracks as a little cash boost unfortunately, so I needed to finish Paul off now - having no means of building anything else.

I returned to his base, where my remaining tanks were unfortunately being scuppered. However, I did manage to capture a power plant and finish off his AFC plus refinery - meaning he had no income. I sent one tank back to my base, after managing to kill of the paradrop with my harvesters. I had two refineries and a reactor at this point.

I grouped all my units around them - Paul, obviously seeing red, decided to attack straight away. I held back the initial attack, just. I lost both my refineries - leaving only my reactor. However, Paul had two tanks, a dog and two miners - to my two war miners and a pair of conscripts.

We both had one building, but Paul had the speed of his tanks. He managed to kill off my conscripts with his dog at this point. Then he tried to attack my reactor. My miners picked off the veteran tank, which was already on its last legs - then damaged the other considerably.

I split my miners at this point, sending one to Pauls base and the other by my reactor. He had to decide whether to go and protect his war factory, or attempt to attack my reactor. After a while, he went for the former option - but quickly retreated when my miner practically killed off the tank. He then sent it to my reactor, where I eventually killed it with my other miner after a little game of cat and mouse.

With two war miners against two chrono miners, it was all over. It was just a matter of time as my miners killed off his war factory - securing a victory in a ding dong battle, where I was comfortably ahead, then seemingly behind, then finally, victorious.

P.S. Check out my new avatar.
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