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» Battle Reports » ephemeral America Vs. caliessux Iraq

Author:jacko3334 (View More)
Game:Red Alert 2
Type:Quick Match
ephemeral +30 beat caliessux -30

Map:Isle of War
Game Length:4 minutes


I've played this guy (afrimo) a lot of times in the past month and a bit, with games going both ways. He's a pretty good player who can surprise some of the best on his day, but recently i've had the edge on him.

Anyway, I start on the right of Isle of War and manage to win the dog war in the middle, so he can't scout at all. I watch his base closely in case he goes for a 2 war sell cy rush, but instead he doesn't, probably opting instead to go for a quick dreadnought. I harrass with my first rocketeer and force him to make a flak, which gives me an advantage in tank numbers. As soon as my para is ready, I drop it just next to the ore patch he wanted to expand to, and position my tanks right behind it, effectively cutting him off from ore. Realising this, he makes a dash for my base, but not quick enough. He seems stricken by indecision, as his tanks keep turning around as if lost. I pick them off pretty easily with the help of my GI fodder, and march into his base and claim victory having lost only 1 tank while killing 13 of his, an effort I'm pleased with considering the superiority of soviet tanks.

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