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» Yuri's Revenge Possibilities

This article discusses the changes that we will see and hope to see in Red Alert 2. Many fans have asked many questions as they are not quite sure as to what the expansion will bring in terms of changes to gameplay and graphics. Thus I have written this article which discusses the aforementioned as well as all other aspects involving the expansion.

In my opinion Westwood will not alter the gameplay in Red Alert 2 drastically. After all, what is the point in changing a winning formula? Red Alert 2 cannot be deemed as anything other than a huge success - selling millions of copies throughout the world. People find its fast, furious gameplay extremely addictive, and can often lose track of the time whilst trying to conquer the world.

The introduction of a third side into the game will certainly be interesting. We have seen how Westwood integrated three teams (a.k.a houses) into Emperor: Battle For Dune. The system certainly works well in my opinion, yet seeing a third team in a Command & Conquer game will definitely take some getting used to. Yet I have faith in Westwood - and think the introduction of the third team will add a whole new dimension to the game.. In terms of the actual gameplay it is hard to guess exactly how it will be altered. I would imagine it will be practically the same. After all, the units that have been revealed so far are all similar to units that we would expect to see in the Allies or Soviets in terms of their power and abilities. However, it is possible that efforts will be made to prevent 'rushing' being as pre-dominant.

Westwood have already revealed a few changes that will be made to certain parts of the game. For example, they will introduce the "Hero Unit" system, basically meaning that each side may only produce one instance of a certain unit. For the Allies this unit will be Tanya, for Yuri's Army this unit will be Yuri Prime and the hero unit for the Soviets is to be Boris. I think that this system is certainly more realistic than the previous system, and makes more sense. Some people did complain about the realism of the game upon its release, yet this is a step in the right direction to improving its realism. However I still don't think that the realism of the game is anything to be worried about; if the game wasn't addictive and fun then I would be worried.

Yuri's Revenge will make sure that the players who usually find themselves high on the ladder will have to drastically change aspects of their gameplay if they want to stay in the better positions on the ladder. The expansion and its new units will bring about a multitude of new tactics and styles of gameplay that won't have been seen previously in the game. In my opinion this is one of the most important parts of the expansion. The ability to test out new tactics and styles of gameplay. By now, most people will have tried almost every single strategy that exists for Red Alert 2, which does become slightly boring. At the end of the day, one can only guess as to what the expansion will bring - whether it will change the style of the game completely remains to be seen. Hopefully they won't. Or maybe I'm just not being adventurous? The gameplay of Red Alert 2 doesn't really need to be altered. The expansion will be a success without it being altered. Yet Westwood may wish to try some new tricks. Things such as the graphics style and game engine will definitely remain unchanged - so don't expect to see Red Alert 2 change to 3D Emperor over-night. If we ever see a 3D Command & Conquer game then it will most likely be Tiberian Twilight or Red Alert 3, and they could both be years off. All though rumours persist that both are currently in production.

Yuri's Revenge will, I think, give a big boost to the RA2 community. It will help to bring back fans who have let the dust on their Red Alert 2 CD cases accumulate for the past few months in favour of other games such as Black & White etc. It will bring a host of new features. One that I'm particularly looking forward to is the introduction of more Real Life Maps - such as London, Cairo and the moon etc. Westwood need to add as many little extras as they can to this expansion - for if it is to be the last ever addition to Red Alert 2 (which it most likely will be), then it has to be good in order to keep people's interest in it. I am sure that Westwood will spend a lot of time making sure that Yuri's Revenge will be a hit. We already know that it will be a big seller - every game that carries the Command & Conquer logo on it is guaranteed to be - as that is how much faith the fans have in Westwood. The real test that decides how good the game is, is the fans reaction to it.

I am confident that this expansion will be something special, helping to spark a lot more interest in Red Alert 2 once more.

» Rob

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