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» Renegade Vehicle Tips

It was a wise man who said that "Man cannot live on bread alone" You damned right - we need beer too. However, such mantras, after adaptation, can also be made to fit for Renegade. Just as "Man cannot live on bread alone", Vehicles in Renegade's Command and Conquer mode cannot live without infantry support. A Mammoth Tank is a beast - but a lethargic one. It's ferocious weaponry is all very well - But a few concealed rocket troops can bring that beasts back down to size with only a few shots.

It is a simple fact that engineers, snipers, and the rest of the assorted infantry need vehicles to survive. But those same vehicles are dependant on infantry support in return. They are "interdependent": one thing cannot survive without the other. In the Renegade tactics explored so far, almost everything has been concentrated on the classic rushing technique performed so perfectly in Red Alert 2. Whether it be Flame Tanks or APCs:

However, unlike Red Alert 2, the rushes in Renegade are quite avoidable, all you need is a team, the right guns and a bit of luck: A far cry from having 200 Rhino tanks suddenly knocking the crap out of your base. Every rush will fail without proper support. Listed below are some of the best Anti-Tank infantry in Renegade:

Engineers / Technicians
The C4 packs carried by these soldiers are deadly to every vehicle; and while it is hard to plant the explosives on a moving Humvee / Buggy that is in the process of running you down; always remember that the C4 is remote. It isn't just for blowing up the MCT, plant your explosives at the choke points on a map - Then detonate in proximity to enemy units. Proximity C4 does this reasonably well too, but with less damage. It is strange to think how few players actually use the remote function of the C to their advantage - Utilised correctly, it can stall any offensive.

The other Anti-Tank use for Engineers / Technicians is one of repair: Use a tank for mobile defense within your base, and repair it whenever it takes a hit: doubtless the enemy will have similar plans behind their offensive, and that brings us onto our next unit...

GDI Medium Tank In Action
GDI Medium Tank - One of many vehicles in Renegade
What?! Snipers!? Anti-Tank!? Despite seeming like a strange choice at first glance, Snipers have the ability to eliminate the key supporting infantry; Engineers, Flamethrowers or whatever. If you're just shooting the enemy snipers, you're not doing enough. Focus on the choke points for easy kills, and move after each shot. A stationary sniper is a dead sniper.

Rocket Soldiers
Sadly neglected, rocket soldiers may be slow, but their flying explosives can bring death to a vehicle in seconds. Use hit and run tactics if possible - Crates and the terrain are your best friends. Don't expect to survive to long - the campers get you soon enough, but never forget your primary purpose - Kill the vehicles!

Other vehicles...
Somebody said "The best form of defense is attack"; sadly, they were speaking about rugby and not Renegade, so they're obviously wrong. If you're under siege from vehicles, stick around your base under you can repulse each wave of assault. Get help from engineers, use the terrain to your advantage, and NEVER jump out of the vehicle: All too often, people jump out too soon; and can end up having their tank stolen by the enemy.

» Jim

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