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» An Open Letter

An "Open Letter" is a wonderful concept. When a thought is too small or not relevant for a petition, but too big not to expose it to the public; some genius came up with the idea of writing a letter to the offending party, but letting the common man read it as well. This letter, is therefore directed at you, yes YOU! As well as the PR department at Westwood. Anyway, quit the history lesson; and let's get down to business.
    Dear Westwood Staff, and the C&C Community,

    As a derogatory comment, I've often treated America, the land of the "free", as a somewhat illegitimate offspring of the Noble commonwealth. The reason for my disgust at this nation are long and involved, and all too often spilled out in a patriotic frenzy on the forums, but in recent years, a certain Las Vegas based company have swayed my opinion of America. Yes, descendants of the dirty rebels have finally put themselves to beneficial work: Command and Conquer they call it, and who am I to argue?

    But, as usual, America's isolation ghost has once again reared it's ugly head, in true style, that is so typical of the US, Westwood headed out on a lavish "World Tour". However, the Roman World was bigger than this. A bit like the "World Series" then. Quite. Echoes of the Yuri's Revenge launch that our Aberu attended rings in my head. With a marketing budget that quite clearly is greater than anything I'm likely to earn in my life - Why neglect the whole Continent of Europe: The most condensed and accessible community you'll encounter. Why!?!

    A Paradox emerges: Westwood are only too happy to publish their games across Europe, provide them with chat facilities on their servers (i.e. French Bunker), but "comme d'habitude" or "as usual": Westwood desert us when it comes to a well-organised event. I think Westwood's example of uniting gamers, and supporting communities is to commended: But why must this never cross outside the borders of the continental United States?

    If Columbus crossed it, surely the chaps at Westwood can?

    Westwood's European fan base is enormous; make no mistake. Us British chaps at, the Frogs over at, the Krauts at, the Swedes at, even to the Eastern Europeans at and . When even the Ruskies start making sites; you start to get an impression of how big this is.

    Mods are also huge over here: Eagle Red and True War are brainchildren of Dutchmen, Eradication Wars and Deezire of Englishmen. Westwood: There is a solid core here: One which is crying out for you to give us an excuse to get together and frag each other face to face in the presence of Alcohol!

    In contrast to many recent US films, your average Briton doesn't sit around and drink tea all day. Well, five cups at the most. At least our country isn't obese. So there. Instead of this most formal of activities, we prefer to exert our adolescent overdoses of testosterone by killing each other: Virtually you understand. There are plenty of potential venues in Britain: LAN Arena, and the "Virtual Gaming Association" to name a few. And while I don't relish a 6 Hour train journey to the London village: I believe Renegade could force me through another Railtrack holdup.

    Historically of course, The Germans have had real difficulties crossing the Channel; but these are modern times. The new generation are able to use Roll-on-Roll-off ferries. Just watch out for the Spitfires in the sky above.

    Westwood, the fate of our summer lays deeply in your loving hands, we can't afford the extortionate plane fairs to the USA, but surely, anything you could do to bring CNC fans together under one roof would be worth it. Think of the publicity. Think of the Community Spirit. Think of the Fans. Oh, and think of the beer.

» Jim

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