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» The Great Mod Hunt of 2002

Many a mod has been released for Red Alert 2, and here at, we review ones on a fairly regular basis. With the coming of Renegade, and the release of it's Software Development Kit (SDK), we were fearful of having these Red Alert mods, many of which have taken months to perfect, being cast into the shadows. So we thought long and hard about what to do. Today, we present our solution in the form of this: The Great Mod Hunt.

Red Alert II / Yuri's Revenge Mods

Here's a summary of what we're looking for: Mods. Good Mods, Bad Mods and Ugly Mods. Have you got a mod you want reviewed? We're looking for all sorts of Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge modifications - Anything will do. Get your mod some coverage, get CNC some traffic, and above all - Let me mercilessly take the piss if your mod deserves to rot with the common herd. Submit your mod to myself, or post about it in the forum!

We don't care how big and we don't care how small - Submit it! Most mods have their sites hosted on Geocities or another free hosting provider - and here at CNC Series, we're getting fed up with the ferocious bombardment of pop-ups. In generosity that rivals E. Skrooge, we're offering a limited number of mods a hosted position on our site.

So: If you run a mod, or have any suggestions of mods that we should review, or even re-review: Tell us!

Renegade Mods

A few early mods are in development - So if you have an up and coming one, with a solid design doc, and are willing to put in the hard work: Contact us! 

Why get hosted at CNC Series?

  • Unlimited FTP space (within reason)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (within reason)
  • Promotion on
  • Free Email Forwarder or POP3 account:
  • Complete support for all major languages, CGI, PHP and the like.
  • Ability to install forums

Above all however, we care about our hosted sites: we'll always be there to help you with:

  • Free Web Design - courtesy of Rob
  • Free Graphical Assistance - courtesy of Jim and Rob

We'll always help out our hosted sites to the best of our ability, MSN Messenger is therefore a must to maintain good relationships with our staff. We have a plethora of talent at CNC Series, and it is this talent, combined with our belief that hosted websites should be good websites that make us stand out in the crowd.

What we ask of you:

1. Update your website fairly regularly - At least every week

We are only too aware of the long and drawn out process of making a mod, but we insist that every week you post something basically telling everyone that "We're still alive". Be it a screenshot, new concept art, or a simple progress update: The importance cannot be stressed enough.

2. You place some adverts on your site

Required by our host in order to pay for the hosting costs - it doesn't come for free!

3. You place our 88x31 Button on your site

This tiny graphic basically says: "We're hosted by CNC Series"

3. If your mod collapses; tell us immediately

We don't want ancient carcasses of failed projects hanging around: The Bottom Line is that you keep us informed of your progress, or your lack of it.

If you wish to apply for hosting then please use the Contact Form.

» Jim

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