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» Renegade: What is it?

Now we all know that renegade is a first person shooter and that it's set in the Original C&C Universe, but the purpose of this article is to question whether renegade will encompass enough FPS aspects to attract die-hard fans of games such as 'Half-Life' and 'Quake III', while still appealing to the tradition C&C fan who tends to like a strategical element to their game.

I personally think that renegade DOES have enough to satisfy an ever-growing community of CnC fans, also I believe that they will warm to the fact that it's a FPS as I've quizzed a few players and they seem to play FPS games aswell as RA2/YR at the moment anyway, so for Westwood keeping these players playing solely Westwood games and in cross-genres is a big plus.

Strategy elements to the game are plentiful and include:
  • The ability to upgrade yourself
  • Co-ordinate attacks
  • Have a various style which is decided by the composition of your team
However cross-genre games are usually a big gamble, they tend to be a resounding success or to fail spectacularly. I think the former will take place because of the fanbase C&C games already has and the publicity that has surrounded Renegade ever since it's first proposed release date (trust me, some of you reading this may well have been in nappies, it's been so long).

Fist Person Shooter elements to the game are also out in force and they include:
  • Taking on those Noddies 1on1
  • All the usual spectacular guns
  • Having a go at wasting a tank
The whole idea behind the game is like creating a comic strip that you can view and mix and match, but then offering you a chance to be the character of your choice, which is why the game, I believe is going to be so attractive.

I'm quite sure however, that many of you reading this have the following question on the tip of your tongue... - "Will it knock Half-Life from the top?"

My answer to that is in return "What do you deem, knocking half-life from the top?" - Do you deem it as being as successfull? If you do then I do not think it will conquer Half-Life, but if you ask the question, "Will we mention it in same sentence as Half-Life, Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena", then I believe you wishes will come true.

So all in all, Renegade = FPS + C&C = Wide Appeal. If you are pondering whether to purchase Renegade or not then I suggest you purchase it without a second thought, because although this game will not be the best ever made, it's going to be damn good and successfull.

» Paul

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