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» YR Sides: Advantages & Disadvantages

Room for a third? And with the coming of Yuri's Revenge there has been a resounding "Yes!" As many of you know the new Yuri side adds a new depth to Red Alert gameplay. With this expansion pack Westwood have tried to add to the strategies that can be employed in RA2, by creating a more varied game, (especially online) by trying to encourage tactics other than rushing.

Anyway I'm getting way ahead of myself and for the benefit of those who do not have YR then I will try to reflect on the game as a whole, by splitting up my opinions between the 3 factions.

The opinion of many top players in the wake of YR, is that Yuri is too powerful and can turn a 'Newbie' player, into a top 1,000 ranked player within a few games. However, Yuri's forces are susceptible to a variety of attacks which i discuss further along in this article.

Advantages of Yuri
· His economy, yes his economy. For when it is used correctly and protected by your army, it provides the best source of income of any side. This is because of it's price ($500 cheaper than it's Allied and Soviet counterparts) it's strength (the miner, not the weak slaves) and perhaps the most important factor of all is it's ability to pack up and move to a new cache of gems/ore when it has depleted it's current supply.
· Having an (in my opinion), overly powerful naval unit so early in a game
· The ability to disrupt the traditional tank rush by mind control and by using the 'Brute'.
· Yuri has outstanding anti air capabilities, he lacks an AA option in his infantry, but his is more than made up for by the Gattling Tank and the Gattling Cannon which can rip through any aerial units with astounding ease, especially allied rocketeers.

Disadvantages of Yuri
· His tank's weakness. All of Yuri's tanks are very weak and can be easily crushed without support from different types of units
· After the early 'Naval Rush', Yuri's navy is really quite pathetic and can be overcome with ease by the Allies or the Soviets
· His weakness to Iraqi desolators is really quite astonishing and is a real thorn in the Yuri players side

The Soviets have received a handful of new units and structured in YR so help them combat the Yuri menace, these are: The Siege Chopper, the Spy Plane, the Industrial Plant and Boris. The Soviet side was lacking a 'hero' unit with the defection of Yuri but Boris can be said to fill that void comfortably.

Advantages of the Soviets
· Their usual power and aggression can still prevail, but the much loved and much hated rhino rush, must usually be supported by other units
· The terror drone. This, along with the desolator is the soviets best answer to Yuri's units as the terror drone cannot be mind controlled and the desolator just rips through Yuri's tanks and infantry
· Having an airborne unit which is worth bothering to build! - Ok so, most of us played games when we were fairly new to RA2 where someone managed to tech up quickly and build a Kirov before the opposition knew what was happening, but now in our more 'experienced days' we tend to notice a giant blimp crawling across our screens. Yes the siege chopper, despite its critics which point out it's extensive deployment time is fairly useful when combined with rhino's and flak traks, with the odd desolator or two of course

Disadvantages of the Soviets
· Despite having a more varied attack, the soviets are not the force they once were without as quick a rhino build speed as they have in RA2 · They are still vulnerable to masses of mirage tanks unless the desolator is employed but even then Yuri's virus and the British sniper can make short work of them. · Apocalypse tanks, Kirovs and V3's are still almost useless, theres only a couple of situations where they are required such as kirovs being used over the lake on Little Big Lake and apocalypse for cannon fodder.

One of the allies biggest problems in RA2, was their vulnerability to being rushed by a Soviet player who knew how to micro manage his army and economy. Now the allies are in a good position to prevent the rush with the addition of their new units. Notably the Guardian G.I, which is joined in the 'new units section' by the Battle Fortress (even with it's hilariously stupid Scottish accent!), the navy SEAL which now becomes available in multi-player after it's previous outing in RA2 was confined to the allied campaign and the Robot tank which in my opinion is something of an oddity.

Advantages of the Allies
· This is a BIG advantage which I have used in my one of my TOTD slots, the robot tank can cross water as it hovers and say if you build a group of about 5 and move them around the edge of a mainly naval map (e.g Alaskan Oil Spill) then you can take an opponent by surprise, as not many of us bother to build tanks or defence normally in Naval War
· Mirage Tank. Those two words say it all. Against Yuri especially the mirage tank, en masse, can wreak incredible destruction and rip through an entire Yuri player's arsenal in a matter of seconds even though you do not have to force fire on it anymore.
· The Battle fortress is an amazingly powerful unit, if used in the correct way. For instance, a combination of 4 GGI's and a seal inside one will really show enemy tanks who's boss, and if they stand and fight, crush them under it's enormous tracks. However it's weakness is that it does not self repair like it's counter-part the Soviet Apocalypse

Disadvantages of the Allies
· They're very vulnerable to an early brute rush by a Yuri opponent, especially against their economy. The only way i have found to counter this apart from pillbox building, which is costly at $500 a time. is to build 3/4 GI's. And these, when deployed will take care of those genetically enhanced pain in the backsides.
· They're early game vehicles (IFV and Grizzly) are very vulnerable to brutes and even Initiates unless you run over the Initiates
· The GGI's weakness comes in the Canine form (even more so when deployed) and also in the shape of the Brute

There you have it folks. That's my take on the whole aspect of YR. Hope it's been useful and informative to you all.

» Paul

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