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Author: Rob
Date: 21.11.04 @ 8:45 PM

Cost: 200
Tech Level: Basic

Speed: Medium
Range: Medium, (Medium-Far when deployed)

Veteran Abilities: Enhanced armour, speed and firepower.
Elite Abilities: 250% increase in armour, speed, and firepower. Special bonus in destroying structures.

Description: The GI is a great infantry combat unit. It has a 2:1 kill ratio which means the GI can take out two Conscripts (Soviet Infantry) before it is killed. The GI possesses is able to deploy, which allows him to build sand bags around himself. When deployed the GI receives a substantial range and armor bonus. The GI is the Allies most basic unit - yet he is vital to their efforts . As they are cheap large numbers can be made quickly. When in groups of 8 or more the GIs will destroy even armoured vehicles in seconds. If one becomes Elite then they can destroy whole bases on their own - an elite GI is extremely useful.

Weakness: Attack Dogs, Pillboxes, Desolators

Rob's Tip: GI's aren't overly useful due to the fact that they can be easily squashed by tanks. Don't expect 20 of them in your base to save you. They are best used in small groups - around 3, placed on cliff ledges to attack drones and enemy scouts. They are also useful for garrisoning key buildings.

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