Detailed Guide to XGS Replays

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Author: r1zla
Date: 02.12.05 @ 4:39 PM

XCC Game Spy is a tool that allows you to record games and later watch them with the game spy viewer, both of which are included in the zip file. To record the game you alt+tab to the windows desktop and then launch 'xcc game spy.exe' just as you deploy your MCV; it will run in the background of RA2. Once the tool is running it will continue to record each and every game from that point onwards until you manually close it.

After the game you are able to view the replay, this gives a great insight into the way the game was being played, it can show beyond a doubt that a player used a president cheat or a maphack. It can also show your position in the game in the event of a reconnection error. Replays will only be accepted when there is other proof. ie- screenshots with the /r/dpl report and sync files from reconn games.

Download the program XCC Game Spy and extract all files to your RA2 directory. It contains 3x *.bin files and 2 *.exe files. Also, copy over the multi.mix file that is on the Ra2 CD and place it in the same folder as you are putting the game spy player.

Now, create a shortcut for XGS and the player and place them on your desktop, you will need this for launching the program quickly at start of the game.

To launch XGS you can return to Windows during the game load screen and start XGS by clicking the shortcut. This method is generally not recommended, in some cases ra2 will crash when you are in Windows or you may experience radar glitches when you return to the game. Therefore it's recommended that you start recording your first game making sure you are playing a fun game only and not for rank. To avoid the radar glitches, set desktop colour depth to 16 bit via control panel/display/settings tab.

XGS can be started and stopped at any time from game loading to game end. Keep in mind, for replays to be counted as PART proof of a map-hack you must have the game recorded before the first barracks are placed. If you want to prove a "stretch" then the replay must start before the mcv is deployed.

As the games are recorded they create a "xif" file that will be placed by default in "c:\Westwood\ra2\replays\". Each replay takes the name format of "gamenumber_player1name_player2name.xif"


When you end your gaming session and close RA2 you will find XGS as a DOS window waiting for the next game to start. You can safely close it now.

To be able to watch the replays you have recorded. Launch the shortcut you made to XCC Game Spy Player

When the game spy player opens up, click on the file menu and select open. The open file dialogue appears and is split into 2 sides. On the left are the player names of the person who started the replay, on the right is the game associated to that player name. On first opening there is no player selected so all game replays in the directory are shown in the right hand side. Highlight a player name on left and the list on right will only shows that names replays.

Find the replay you would like to watch and highlight it in the list, now click OK and the game will play.

Alternatively you may drag a replay from a folder and drop it onto the game spy player, this will automatically open and play the file.

During the replay, the following keys can be used to alter the way it plays and shows units/buildins.

# ' ': Pause <--- space bar
# 'h': Show/hide scout history
# 'n': Show/hide names of units/buildings
# 'c': Show/hide civilian structures
# 'n': Show/hide object summery
# 'r': Restart
# 't': Show/hide terrain - available after copying multi.mix from the ra2 cd to the same directory as game spy player.
# '<': Previous frame
# '>': Next frame
The replay will repeat until closed or another opened.

You can place cheat reports in the relavant Strike Team Forum.