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Author: Ash
Date: 30.12.04 @ 12:59 PM


The 'filler' that makes your site unique and interesting, content can take many forms. It is the game information, the strategies, the articles, the war stories, the wallpapers...everything. And it's vital you make it as good as possible! People may never leave after looking at your header, and some many return for your honest news reporting, but to get the most people in you need the content. A wise man once said "A site without content is like fish without chips" - although that may have been me, I'm not sure.

Okay, I'm going to give you example of those now, and don't you go stealing them! If you do I'm going to contact my lawyer and sue you for something. Being mean.

No-one can follow complex build orders, so keep them simple. Here's one strategy that's never failed ANYONE!

The Defense & Attack by Ash
Okay, here's what you do. First up, build your base as normal, and scout, and build tanks to kill enemy tanks. Then, once you have lots of teh moneys, mass tanks and planes and infantry and go and blow up the enemy base.
It's never failed, and never will, because when you blow up your opponents base they die and that's it.

People always want to hear what you have to say, so tell them. Constantly. Never, ever let them form their opinions unassisted, because they might run riot and do some crazy stuff. Here's an article sent by a fan I forgot to publish, but definately would if it was topical.

i like red alert 2 because it has all the things about command and conquering that i like like the tanks of all different sizes and the people that have different guns (machine gun, r rocket launchering gun, sniper rifler, ect). my favourite part of the game is the missions, it should be yours to, because you feel like your really a proper armed forces leader. however i think that westwood need to add some more training campaigns because i get stuck a lot with the clicking and building things, i really hate that, and my friend agrees with me (hi tim!!!!)

my least favourite bit is online play because no-one plays properly they always come at me with tanks when im building my walls and they never let me finish which isnt fair, then when i shout at them they laugh at me and call me a 'n00b' which makes me mad because i dunno what it is but it probably isn't nice!!! i think we should make a new WOL and only let proper players like myself play, contact me at redalertfanwhohatestehrush@aol.com if ur interested.

In conclusion red alert 2 is a good game but the players and difficulty spoil it in areas so if you want to buy it you should prepare for that.

It has all the right ingredients: the author's favourite part, least favourite part, his thoughts, his ideas...that's an A grade my friend!

War Stories
Action is the aim of the day with War Stories, because they're stories of war and war is very rarely a quiet affair. Once more, I found this in my Inbox but never got around to posting it - silly me. Here you go, put your feet up and prepare to be enthralled.

The Battle
Sergeant Smith fired bazooka after bazooka, killing tanks left right and center, their shells landing near him but he merely laughed at their efforts and continued to fire. He was the bravest man of all, fearless in battle and deadly.
With the flick of a wrist he threw a grenade and blew up the Soviet base, bodies flying into the air and tanks spiralling into rubble. He had won. The Allies were victorious...

For now.

See that last bit? "victorious....for now"? That's a classic method of ending a story with suspense - who knows what happens next? No-one probably, not even the author, but that isn't the point. Also take note of the use of adjectives, and the capital letters which indicate loudness.

EVERYONE wants their desktop to look good. Yes, you heard me right, everyone - even people who say they don't care. Well, they're lying, and wallpapers are a great way to attract these people. The following wallpapers won awards for their originality and style, thus propelling the authors into stardom. (Click for bigger)

Notice the clever way they've highlighted just one area and based the wallpaper around it? The tank looks deadly to begin with, yet when it's standing out like that, it looks even more fearsome. Shinano's effort informs you that a Chinese missile has been launched, and it's a threat, just in case you were unable to notice a nuclear warhead being launched and missed all the commotion, and weren't aware that nuclear missiles are anything but playful joke-fighting between nations.

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