Bonus Modifier Statistics

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Author: Niels
Date: 29.12.04 @ 3:35 PM

In order of appearance...

 » Horde
 » Nationalism
 » Enthusiastic
 » Subliminal
 » Demoralized
 » Garrisoned
 » Veteran
 » Elite
 » Heroic
 » Bombardment Battleplan
 » Search and Destroy Battleplan
 » Hold the Line Battleplan

For bonus modifiers, simply multiply it by the original stat.
It's not quite known how overlapping bonuses work, however the most likely mechanism is something like (1.25+1.25=1.5)*originalstat.

Horde and other bonuses

Rate of Fire: 1.50

Rate of Fire: 1.25

Enthusiastic (Speaker Tower)
Rate of Fire: 1.25

Subliminal (Upgraded Speaker Tower)
Rate of Fire: 1.25

Demoralized (Currently not used in Generals)
Rate of Fire: 0.25

Range: 1.33 Damage: 1.25

Veterancy Levels

Rate of Fire: 1.2 Damage: 1.1 Health: 1.2

Rate of Fire: 1.4 Damage: 1.2 Health: 1.3

Rate of Fire: 1.6 Damage: 1.3 Health: 1.5


Bombardment Battleplan
Damage: 1.2

Search and Destroy Battleplan
Range: 1.2 Sight Range: 1.2

Hold the Line Battleplan
Damage Taken: 0.9 (armor is stronger)

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