Soviet Characters

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Author: Rob
Date: 10.11.04 @ 4:34 PM

\"PremierPremier Romanov, Russian Premier
Romanov is the head of the Soviets, official title \"Commander in Chief\". His country, Russia, is invading the USA. He is releasing his hatred on the Allies. He has boiled with rage ever since the Allies defeated Mother Russia, yet he has not let the Allies know this - the reason why the attack is so surprising.
\"GeneralGeneral Vladimir, Military Leader
General Vladimir is the head of the Soviet army - he wants to decimate the United States totally; but he must listen to Romanov. Vladimir has grown fond of U.S beer, women and cars - yet he still wants to crush the Allies.
\"LieutenantLieutenant Zofia, Intelligence Officer
This sexy Soviet aids you on the battlefield much like the Allies Lt. Eva. She supplys you with information vital to your mission - warning you of incoming missiles and of attacks on your units or base. Whenever a unit or structure is built she informs you.
\"Yuri\"Yuri, Soviet Science advisor & Psychic Corps leader
This guy is a bit of a freak (just look at him). Enhancements in his brain allow him to control peoples minds! He can then make them do whatever he wants. A very powerful character, who plays a pivotal role in the game. It would be better to be with him than against him.

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