Mission Seven - Head Games

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Author: Rob
Date: 12.12.04 @ 7:46 PM

Location: Transylvania
Par Time: 45 minutes

    Mission Objectives:
  1. Destroy Yuri's fortress.
    Mission Parameters:
  • n/a
Hoping to hide from your onslaught, Yuri has retreated to his ancestral home in Transylvania. We cannot allow him any respite or he will only rally his forces and return again to threaten us all. Eliminate Yuri now and forever!

Starting UnitsStarting StructuresReinforcements
  • 2 Rhinos
  • 2 Tesla Tanks
  • 2 Flaks
  • Infantry
  • MCV
  • N/A
  • N/A

  • Walkthrough:
    From pretty much the offset of this mission you will be under attack; from both sides. Your base is positioned in the bottom centre of the map. The fortress which you must destroy at the opposite side of the map. Once you have your barracks down build 8 dogs. Use the 2 dogs that you started with to scout; send them to the bottom left hand corner and bottom right hand corner; once they reach those corners send them northwards (In the right hand corner your dog will find Cuban terrorists and demo trucks which will join your case; use them to destroy the grinder a bit further north).

    The first attack will consist of brutes and other infantry; use your tesla tank to take out the brutes and use your dogs to take out the infantry (aim for Yuri clones and Virus Snipers first). From the left you will be attacked by allied units; such as GIs and Guardian GIs; use dogs to counter them. Now build an engineer and send him slightly north of the bottom right hand corner of the map; there is a secret tech lab there - capture it. Your basic build order for this map should be:

    PP Barracks (8 Dogs) Refinery War Factory (War miner, 4 Drones, 3 Tanks, 3 Tesla Tanks) Refinery Radar Refinery Battle Lab Nuke Plant Industrial Plant
    Once you capture the tech lab you will have access to all Soviet special units (Desolator etc.). At this point you should destroy both grinders if you haven't already done so. There is one located near the bottom corner of each side of the map; use your rhinos to destroy them and use you drones as protection against enemy infantry at your base. The Soviet enemy will also send two siege choppers to attack you at some point, just use flak traks to fend them off. Once you have destroyed the two grinders make sure you collect the money crates that are left behind. Now return your tanks to your base.

    Once your industrial plant is down you should build 1 ore refinery and 1 war miner from the war factory. Begin to build a nuke silo as soon as they become available. Soon after this Yuri will send a group of IFVs containing Tesla Troopers or Crazy Ivan IFVs; make sure you take them out before they get to your base. The best tactic is to take them out while they go past your units.

    After a while you will need to move your mining expeditions else where. The simplest way to do this is just to build structures in a straight line northwards; then build a refinery when you get close to the ore field. At this point I recommend you build a Grand Cannon next to your refinery here (you should have the ability to do so after capturing the tech lab). After a while you will hear the sound of Kirovs; the Soviet enemy will build 2 or 3 before sending them to attack you. Simply build a few flak traks (make sure you have 5 in total at least) and take them out while they are en route to your base.

    Once your nuclear missile is ready aim it at the psychic amplifier in the Soviet base; it will be destroyed. The whole of the Soviet base is now under your control; move all of your tanks into it (making sure they are out of range of the psychic towers); now set your primary war factory as the one in the Soviet base; cancel whatever you're building and build V3s. Sell everything in the base that you don't need (e.g. defenses and tesla reactors).

    Use the V3s to take out the psychic towers on the ridge; use any kirovs left in the Soviet base and send all of your tanks force (which should be rather large by now); destroy all the psychic towers in the near vicinity and then simply destroy Yuri's fortress. When you try to destroy the base Yuri will cast the psychic dominator on your attacking units; so send a few tanks to attack the fortress first; then once the dominator is over, send in the real attack force to wipe it out.

    Well done - you have completed the Soviet Campaign!