Hidden Valley

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Author: erikmcfar
Date: 11.12.04 @ 11:32 PM

Hidden Valley Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Temperate
Recommended Side: Any
Author: Erikmcfar
General Overview
The two starting points are separated by by a mountain with a narrow pass connecting the two sides. The mountains are not able to put troops on except for paratroopers.

Tech Buildings
There are two oil derricks, one hospital and one tech machine shop near each starting point.

Team Selection
Despite their being cliffs on the map they don't really provide the Yuri player with much advantage except on a limited basis on the defensive and there is no water for his filthy boomer. Any country does a sufficient job on this map. Soviets may have some advantage because of the smallness of the map.

Allies: America is a good choice on this map because the paratroopers can get places that normal units can't get to. Korea is good because there is small space between the bases which allows for lots of sorties. France is a good choice because of the natural choke points force the units to move slower with so a better killzone. Germany and Britain aren't very good and aren't worth using.

Soviets:Iraq is the only real choice because it is the only useful one. You can't sneak a demo truck or terrorists into a back side of the base, one way in one way out. If you have to have another country use Russia, but be sure to buy an IP before you start pumping out tesla tanks.

There is one big patch of ore near each base, no other ore is available, defending your oil derricks is vital to maintain economy.



Start by building bio reactor, barracks, and slave miner. After building a barracks build a few Brutes(1-2) and send them scouting and 2 engineers to capture the derricks near your base. You can get the other tech buildings below your base if you want also.. Build a war factory then, but one slave miner from your war factory and one from your construction yard. Start building a mix of lasher tanks, gattling tanks, and magnetrons, 5-8 of each should be good, also throw in some yuri clones and some brutes too. Start moving your squad through the gap, keeping lashers, brutes and yuri clones in the front and mags and gattling tanks in the rear. Be sure to keep your group together. Target enemy units first then structures. While you are attacking continue to build units and progress to a battle lab. Don't worry if your first attack doesn't work you just want to cause some damage and keep the enemy on the defense. During the attack you should have another group ready to go this time with a few master minds and floating disks. Keep repeating this process and as a last resort build a psychic dominator, if you are having a lot of trouble breaking through.
Start by building power plant, barracks, and refinery. After building a barracks build a few dogs and send them to uncover the enemy base. Build engineers and capture close tech buildings. Start building a miner and a second refinery after your first war factory. After you build (and sell) your second refinery, build a airforce command center and build some rockies, send one scouting the rest of the map, if not already done. Churn out grizzlies and a few ifv's if necessary. Tech up and pump out mirages and a few battle fortresses (filled with four ggi's and a seal), also a few prisms if the enemy has a lot of base defenses (tesla coil, prism tower, or psychic tower). Move your army of mirage, grizzlies and battle fortresses. A good technique with using battle fortresses is to move them into range and they will open fire with the ggi rockets, then move them back towards your army either the will follow and you tanks will tear them up or they wont move and they will be destroyed. Move you mirages a little at a time because they can't shoot on the run. When you take out all their units send in your prisms to finish up or just take it out with what you have.
Start by building tesla reactor, barracks, and refinery. After building a barracks build a few dogs and send them scouting. Build engineers and capture the tech buildings. Build a war factory start with a war miner and then crank out rhinos, build a drone or two to scout the enemy base. If your opponent is allies build a flack track or two to defend against rockies. Build a second refinery near ore and sell the furtherest away. Then build a radar and build a few desolators(because thats the only soviet country that you should be using, right?). Build a second war factory and continue to pump out rhino's. If you can't over take them build up to an iron curtain (power plants as necessary), charge it up and use it on nine drones attack with them first then behind them send in desolators and after them send in your rhino army. As rhino's can take the radiation a lot better than any allied or yuri unit.

I hope this improves your game on Hidden Valley.

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