Let There Be a Fight

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Author: erikmcfar
Date: 11.12.04 @ 11:25 PM

Let There Be a Fight Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Urban
Recommended Side: Yuri
Author: Erikmcfar
General Overview
Set in the middle of a sprawling urban city. Let There be a Fight is one of the most hated maps of all of Yuri's Revenge, at least with the people I have encountered. There are two starting points directly opposite each other. Each has the river run near it for access to build a naval yard. There are only two places two cross the river, by land, both in the middle of the map and both by bridges, if they get destroyed then you might have to opt for the naval invasion, there are two landing access points on each side. Garrisonable buildings dominate the map and control key access to your base, if you play it right you can cut off you enemies scouting for the moment.

Tech Buildings
There are no tech buildings on Let There Be a Fight.

Team Selection
Because of the river access and the choke points, Yuri is a very effective choice on this map, however the allies come in a close second with a strong navy and good air force, while the soviets struggle, without an effective quick airforce and a tough navy they can be the weakest of the three on this map.

Allies: I would suggest using America on this map there are several buildings to garrison around the map and since the key is to get a foothold on the opposing side's land America is the best allied choice on this map. Korea is also good because you can run lots of sorties in a small amount of time, either against units or troublesome buildings. France can be effective because of the smallness of the map, especially against boomers and if you grand cannon link you can have a very good advantage. Germany is really not that effective against any team. Britain's effectiveness is reduced because of the number of buildings.

Soviets: Iraq is the best overall and the best choice because if of its effectiveness against infantry and defending against submerged naval units, if you put them at key areas and deploy them to force submerged units to the surface for destruction. Russia is okay I guess, but not that effective, Cuba and Libya are only real good against buildings or a quick flack/terrorist rush.

There are three ore patches on each side of the river, the first is near the starting position, but to best access the other two you may want to build to it or move your operation, there are no gems on this map..



The Yuri walkthrough is different from the other sides, because it doesn't require that you get a foothold on the opposing bank. First start with the usual: bio reactor, barracks, and slave miner. Then build a couple of brutes and a handful of initiates, send the brutes scouting and the initiates to garrison key buildings to prevent enemy scouting. Next, build a war factory and another slave miner, build a radar site, then a naval yard. Build one boomer to start out with. Use your Psychic Reveal to uncover the rest of the enemy base. Build also two magnetrons, send the magnetrons to the bank on your side near the enemy base. Send the boomer in and either find enemy naval units and let the magnetrons deal with them, or if they have no navy go for critical buildings, war factory, ore refin, radar, etc. Never go for construction first. You should be able to finish them off with just that boomer or it may require one or two more. Just watch out for enemy garrisoned buildings.
Start by building power plant, barracks, and refinery. After building a barracks build a few dogs and send them to uncover the enemy base. Build a few grunts and garrison key buildings. If you are playing Yuri you must identify if they are boomer rushing or not. If you are playing an allied player you might want to build one patriot missile system in case of a rocketeer rush, otherwise don't bother. Then build a war factory, one or two miners and then an AFC and then another refinery, place the second refinery near the next available ore field, and sell the original refinery once that ore patch has been depleted. If you were unable to scout the enemies base earlier build a rockie and scout, this is especially important against a Yuri opponent. Start building up an army and once the second ore field has been tapped, you may either want to move your construction yard to the last one or build to it if you have already done so. Use prisms to destroy garrisoned buildings, mirages against infantry and armor and battle fortresses to deal with deso's and armor. If you find you are at a stale mate with your opponent it may be wise to use the navy as an option. Build a minimum of five dolphins and one aegis for every two carriers, but always have one aegis around. Use the aircraft carriers to hit enemy positions, just to be careful of garrisoned buildings and magnetrons. Once you get past the blockade use your fleet to pound enemy positions, just to be sure they are out of harms way. Once you are attack his base, this should give you enough of an edge to push into their side of the river and finish them off.
Start by building tesla reactor, barracks, and refinery. After building a barracks build a few dogs and send them scouting. Train a few conscripts and garrison key buildings. It is most important that soviets find the enemy base early, because after they seal their entrance off you have to wait for spy plane and if you are playing a yuri opponent you are as good as done, if you don't spot his naval yard and boomer rush. Then build a war factory, build a terror drone and use it to fend off any early attacks or enemy tanks, and then another refinery, and as use the plan of buildings near the ore fields as mention above . After the war factory build one miners and three tanks and a couple of terror drones. If you are playing an allied player you might want to build one flack cannon in case of a rocketeer rush, otherwise don't bother. The terror drone is very effective in a yuri battle, just keep them away from gattling tanks. If you are playing in a stalemate game you may need to use V3 rockets or siege copters to eliminate buildings. If your opponent is particularly stubborn, you may need to build a dreadnought to clear up the area, with a sub or two escort and a sea scorpion for anti air.

I hope this improves your game on Let There Be a Fight.

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