Little Piece of Dune

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Author: Paul
Date: 11.12.04 @ 11:20 PM

Little Piece of Dune Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Desert
Recommended Side: Yuri/Soviet
Author: Paul
General Overview:
Little Piece of Dune is a curious map in that the bases are pretty darn close to each other, yet easily defendable. A small naval area is also forgotten in between the two bases as well as the surrounding sea.

Tech Buildings:
1 Airport is situated on a high platform in the middle of the map at the very top, it's easily defendable once captured & also enables you to guard a majority of the ore up there. Also 2 derricks are in each base, one near the sea (bottom of map near the join) and one near the back of each base.

Team Selection:
As stated above I think Yuri/Soviets are the best choices here, but if you are a competent allied player you should have no real difficulties.

Possibilities of a seal rush here, also if you're France you can easily link Grand Cannons up to their base fairly quickly. America is useful for garrisoning the many buildings, also Korea can quickly take out these buildings so they should also be considered.

Iraq as ever is the only option you should consider as the others pose too great a risk, e.g leaving demo trucks or terrorists in your base with the enemy being so close.

The Boomer rush from either the main sea or from the small area of water between the bases is a good option here, The all-round ability of Yuri on small maps makes him an ideal choice here.

Average amounts of ore are located in each base but the true key to winning on this map is to capture the airport at the top and mine the extensive area surrounding it.

Scouting the entire map should not be a problem here as it's very small and a dog or two can cover all the main points in 30 seconds maximum. 2 dogs is the recommended amount here.


Deploy and build your power and barracks towards the top, then send initial dog(s) and possible an initiate or two towards the airport to secure it before your engineer arrives. Then capture the 2 derricks in your base and garrison the large buildings surrounding your base. Get your war factor up and build 1 miner from it then a couple of gattling tanks, a chaos drone and then concentrate on lashers. While doing this build constant miners from your structures tab until you have 3/4 then get your psychic radar up, a further power plant (and stick initiates in it) and then get your battle lab up and concentrate on high tech units to back up your magnetrons which will decimate the garrisoned buildings around your opponents base. A Yuri push is then all that's needed to secure victory.

Deploy and build towards the top. Send guards for the airport and then capture it, and subsequently the derricks in your base. Get your war factory up and produce a miner then an IFV, then grizzlies. Garrison all available buildings While doing this produce 2 more refineries and sell them to total 4 miners. Then get your AFC and then more power before going high tech. Mirages, Prisms and Battle Fortresses Mixed together are all that's required for victory. Acquire your AFC after your war factory if you wish to seal rush and use the IFV you should have built.

Deploy and build towards the airport. Send a dog & conscript or two to guard it then capture it and then capture the 2 derricks in your base. Get your war factory built and produce 1 miner followed by a flak track, then 2 terror drones then rhino's and garrison your buildings. At the same time build & sell 2 more refineries to make 4 miners then get more power and then radar, followed by a Battle Lab. Attack as soon as you feel confident, support your rhino's with v3's and/or Siege choppers and desolators. An Industrial Plant is a must to ensure you have a tank advantage.

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