Dry Heat

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Author: Paul
Date: 11.12.04 @ 11:16 PM

Dry Heat Map Size: Small
Map Terrain: Desert
Recommended Side: Any
Author: Paul
General Overview:
This map is fast becoming one of the most popular clan-based maps in Yuri's Revenge and it is also a quick match map, so a good knowledge of this map is essential. The map itself is quite simple, it's just four raised plateau's as starting points, however the simplest ideas are often the best and most people enjoy this map as it generally says who is a better player.

Tech Buildings:
There is a derrick in each of the four corners of the map, which must be captured. If you are playing a 1on1 game then you should capture both derricks on your half of the map to optimize your economy.

Team Selection:
This map is really down to personal preference, it's small so there's a possible soviet rhino rush, it's big enough for the allies to go to high tech while defending and it's also suited to a 'Yuri push', (which is basically throw every type of unit possible into a small area and attack they enemy).

As ever you should only consider using either America, Korea or France. America because a quick paradrop can easily take out an all-important derrick, or act as cannon fodder. Korea because the map is so small that quick sorties are an attractive option to keep the enemy in his base. Now the French are a good team to pick here as you can dominate the close ore fields with a cannon or two, but be warned, many a top player may refuse to play a French player because they consider this tactic to be cheap.

As per usual if you like the early power of the rhino then play it safe and go for Iraq, as we all know the desolator is effective against Allies and Yuri alike. Playing as any other team is not recommended as the tesla tank is not worth it, terrorists are fragile and a demo truck can easily be attacked as you produce it as the map is small.

Yuri's ability to have a good economy quickly combined with multiple war factories is often a winning formula here, you should scout your opponent well to assess their tactic and adjust accordingly (as you should with any team, but with Yuri it's especially important). Acquisition of psychic units early on is essential here.

No shortage of ore/gems here as there is a large cache located directly to each side of your starting point, but control of the large central patch is usually all-important. The two derricks are also important to ensure a constant flow of credits.

Good scouting is essential not only of their base, but the two unused positions (if playing 1on1) and also their derricks to see if a rush on them to reduce their economy would be viable. *Warning - this is one of the most popular maps for people to try and engineer walk you (another reason to scout the unused positions as they generally come from here).


Deploy and place your initial power & barracks towards the ore (refer screenshot), never build backwards here unless its a superweapon which you wish to guard. Get your first miner out and manually direct it to the gems closest to your starting point. Get 1 miner from the war factory before pumping out a chaos drone or two, a few gatt tanks and then build up a healthy force of lasher tanks. While you are doing this in your war factory also produce miners from your structures tab non-stop until you have 3/4 (4 preferably), then get your psychic beacon up and get some clones out. If done correctly you will just manage to stop any soviet/allied rush and then you should be ahead of your opponent in terms of economy and tanks (acquire another miner then get a second war factory) Then a Yuri push with plenty of lashers, gattling tanks and masterminds is all that's needed to wipe the floor with your opponent.

Deploy and build towards the ore with your power, barracks and ore refinery and as with Yuri, direct your miner to those lovely gems. ALWAYS build your war factory before your Air Force Command Center no matter what. Get a miner from your war factory and then 1/2 ifv's then grizzlies. Build refinery (sell), refinery (sell) until your economy is good then build yourself your AFC and power as needed. Then more refinery building then selling and then a second war factory is required, then power, then you should concentrate on high tech, once you have it build solid mirages, with maybe 1/2 Battle Fortresses with should be stuffed with guardian gi's. Try hit & runs on your opponents economy, to slow him down, before confronting his tanks, upon that victory the game is yours my son, and everything in it.

Deploy with your early structures towards the ore and gems. Get your first miner working on those gems and then 1 more from your war factory, a drone or two then constant tanks. If playing a fellow soviet then an early drone into his miner is essential to give you the edge (approach from behind it's rotating turret or get into it while it's unloading as it can't fire then). Once you have built & sold refineries get yourself some more power then a second war factory and then a radar and build desolators if playing Allies or Yuri. If you haven't demolished the opposition by now then think about getting yourself a Battle Lab and an Industrial Plant to give you the edge in tank production once more. If you really have problems and superweapons are on, then you can never go far wrong with an Iron Curtain and a large group of drones to eat through their tank divisions with.

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