Face Down

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Author: Paul
Date: 11.12.04 @ 11:05 PM

Face Down Map Size: Medium
Map Terrain: Snow
Recommended Side: Allies or Yuri
Author: Paul
General Overview:
Face Down is one of my personal favourite maps in Yuri's Revenge. As indicated by the Radar screenshot and by the name, this map is like a face that is pointing down. The map has four starting points in each corner which all join in the middle. This map is, in my opinion comparable to the RA2 map South Pacific in many ways.

Tech Buildings:
There are 2 machine shops located in the middle, at the top and at the bottom, plus 2 oil derricks on the left and on the right. All 4 tech buildings are on raised mounds which help you to defend them once you have captured them.

Team Selection:
I think Yuri is probably the best choice as a team, so long as you are comfortable with them, if you aren't then you can never usually go far wrong with the allies. Yuri: Yuri has the ever present advantage as far as securing tech buildings early on (which is critical on this map). Also the boomer rush is an option on this map, but it leaves you unable to put as much of you're effort upon the key central area as much as I believe you need.

I would suggest either using America, Korea or France. America because you can become so concentrated upon the middle of the map that you leave your base prone to a quick paradrop. Korea are good to take out that key tech building or to eliminate carriers/dreadnoughts. France are an option, but only if you are prepared to use them offensively as otherwise your opponent will wipe the floor with you.

I don't believe there is any distinct advantage to using the Soviets on this map, but if you are insistent upon doing so then Iraq, as ever, is the only nation you should consider as they prevent the paradrop by the Americans that I have mentioned and a couple of early rhino tanks can sometimes help you to secure the central area.

There is an absolute abundance of resources on this map, including the largest cache of gems, I think, you will find in an official YR map. There is also a fair amount of ore at your base and the 2 oil derricks which I have mentioned.

You must scout not only the central area but also the other 'unused' starting positions so that you're opponent does not set up a second base without your knowledge and as much of your base's shoreline and the sea as possible to prevent that seal/dreadnought taking you by surprise.



The usual deploy, bio reactor, barracks, Slave miner applies. Then as soon your barracks is up build between 2-4 brutes and send them to the central area then secure as many of the 4 tech buildings as you can with your engineers. 2 war factories early on is vital, (unless you wish to try and boomer rush in which case you need a sub pen and a psychic radar and some defence to stop your opponents rush) balance this with at least 4 slave miners, depending on how much of the middle you secure. Begin building a healthy mix of lashers, gattling tanks, brutes, virus snipers, magnetrons and if you have a battle lab then some masterminds. Sometimes a side attack by a few floating discs from the seas while you're engaged in your tank battle can swing the tide of the game your way. *Sneaky Tactic* - build a yuri prime or two and send them around the edges of the map and try to sneak them into your opponents base and begin to capture and sell off their key structures.
As allies you should deploy, build power barracks and refinery, and build about 5 dogs and send them to the centre area and set them on 'guard mode'. Swiftly follow them with engineers to secure as many tech buildings as you can. your emphasis now should be to build towards the middle and build multiple war factories as soon as you have the cash. Also around 15 rocketeers is a good investment to enable quick hit and run tactics. Once you have a large amount of grizzly tanks, mirage and prism, if you have teched up (which you should) once again stage a frontal assault with your tanks on his army and use your rocketeers to harass his base. *Sneaky Tactic* - Build a seal or two or a tanya and use the same strategy as you should with yuri clones to sneak them into the back of his base via the waters.
Deploy, build power, barracks and refinery and build about 5 dogs and sent them to the centre and set them on guard mode, follow them up with your engineers. You should build your base towards the centre's gems and tech buildings to gain control. Once you have achieved this being build a few extra refineries and sell them leaving one refinery closest to the gems and build multiple war factories and pump out rhino tanks, the odd flak trak and a desolator or two as if you play as soviets you must be Iraq. Attack whenever you feel you have the advantage over your opponent. *Sneaky Tactic* - Build an Iron Curtain ($2500 is a peanuts on this map) and build a small army of terror drones if you feel you may lose a tank war, charge it, make the drones invulnerable and cripple your opponents tanks and follow up with your own.
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