Special Units

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Author: Rob
Date: 11.12.04 @ 9:44 PM

These units are available in some of the missions in Yuri's Revenge:

Flint WestwoodFlint Westwood
The first Hollywood hero you meet is located just north of your base. He is very accurate with his .45 magnum; just be sure to keep him away from tanks - and just "Call him Harry."
Sammie Stallion Sammie Stallion
The most effective Hollywood hero. His combined machine gun deals with infantry and his bazooka takes out buildings in one shot; making him a one man army. As with Clint....errr Flint, it is wise to keep him away from tanks and "Be sure to bring some body bags." Sammie is located in front of the stadium.
Arnie Frankfurter Arnie Frankfurter
It will be "Judgement Day" for any infantry units that wonder into the path of Arnie's high powered machine gun. As with the other two "Hollywood Hero's" Arnie is not effective against armoured units and has nothing to destroy buildings.

Note: All three of the "Hollywood Hero's" have regenerative capabilities and fairly heavy armour, but leave them in the middle of a big tank battle too long and they might not be too happy. Don't worry if you lose one of the hero's; you don't fail the mission, but I'm sure that the film makers won't be asking you to attend any "big premiers", after the war is, over for letting an action hero die!

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