Yuri Units

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Author: Rob
Date: 11.12.04 @ 9:41 PM

There are 13 Yuri Units in Yuri's Revenge.

This female mercenary is a seasoned sniper who fires virus-filled darts at her enemies, causing them to swell up and then explode in a toxic cloud of gas, which in itself damages nearby units and buildings. It's not pretty, but it's effective -- a Virus is excellent for use as a remote "tenderising" unit against tightly grouped infantry formations as the gas from one victim will damage the others, softening them up for a closer-range assault. Virus is effective against infantry units only; but strategically positioned outside an enemy base, she can thin the ranks considerably.
This hulking genetic monstrosity was created by Yuri's twisted scientists as a walking wall of undescribable force. Since he can take a lot of damage and is completely devoted to Yuri's cause, the Brute has no problem mixing it up on the battlefield while bullets are zipping and missiles flying. He can also smash infantry and use his meaty fists to destroy buildings. The Brute laughs at dog attacks and is immune to any and all Allied K9 forces. While many vehicles will boast a speed advantage over the Brute, they're at his mercy when grouped together. Get a Brute in an enemy base and he can wreak serious havoc.
Yuri's basic combat soldier has all the firepower he needs in his highly developed brain, which allows him to fire a powerful Psychic Blast that can give enemy infantry, vehicles and even structures a serious headache. While his range is shorter than that of Allied or Soviet infantry, his damage rating is slightly higher, making him an excellent defense unit when garrisoned. He's three times as expensive as the Soviet Conscript, and can't deploy into a fortified position like the Allied Grunt, but when used craftily, the Initiate can make the enemy beg for Tylenol.
Yuri Clone:
The Yuri clone is the same unit that was available to the Soviets in RA2 once a battle lab was constructed; to obtain the Yuri clone for Yuri you need only build a psychic radar. Yuri has the same abilities as in the original Red Alert 2.
Yuri Prime:
The Yuri Hero Unit, he may only be built once the Yuri Battle Lab is up and only one of him may exist at any given time; he boasts the ability to mind control units, as well as structures, from extremely long distances - he hovers around on a "chariot" and is an extremely potent unit.
Yuri can't be said to boast a varied navy, but he can be said to boast a strong one. The Boomer, Yuri's one and only naval unit, is a versatile sub-surface leviathan with surface capabilities. It fires torpedoes against submarines and destroyers and can surface to pound land targets with ICBMs. This well-rounded naval warfare machine is at its most vulnerable when surfacing to take out land targets; that's when the Boomer is susceptible to aerial attack.
Slave Miner:
Yuri needs ore too, and his way of getting it is through the Slave Miner. A mobile refinery with five mind-controlled units, the Slave Miner finds an ore patch, parks itself and turns into a refinery. Then it releases its Slaves, hapless civilians turned into miner-zombies by Yuri's psychic technology. Since the Slave Miner is also a refinery, Yuri's base is freed from having a vulnerable Refinery in it. However, that makes it that much more important that he guard his Slave Miner against attack. If a Slave is killed, the Slave Miner will automatically generate a replacement.
Gattling Tank:
The gattling tank is an anti-air and anti-ground unit for Yuri's forces. Like the gattling cannon it also excels against infantry. The longer its guns spin the more powerful its attack is. If allowed to spin for some time its cannons are good against vehicles too.
Chaos Drone:
The chaos drone is a unit designed purposely with the idea of creating chaos amidst tanks - when deployed it emits a red cloudy gas over a large circumference which can result in sending tanks 'berserk' - basically meaning they will fire upon their own side's units.. the most effective measure against them is to drive past the side of them rather than going for them head on.
Floating disk:
To this day, not even top Soviet and Allied intelligence agents have determined the origin of Yuri's Floating Disc. Looking like it zoomed straight out of some '50s sci-fi flick, the Floating Disc is a sort of outerspace sapper unit whose transport beam can be used to drain energy from enemy power plants or credits from a refinery. An intelligently deployed Floating Disc can short out an enemy's power as a first-strike measure and its small laser beam can vapourise infantry and damage vehicles if they happen to get nosey.
The Magnetron is Yuri's answer to long range defensive structures. It can use its magnetic beam to wreck enemy base defenses from well outside their range. When facing enemy vehicles, the Magnetron can levitate and pull them towards itself. An exceptional ability which allows Yuri's other units and defenses to steal the minds of the enemy without putting themselves at risk.
This tank is basically a mobile version of the Yuri psychic dominator. It's slow, and it has the ability to control an unlimited amount of enemy infantry, with one slight drawback: It starts to overheat when it has more than five enemies under its influence, and if nothing is done about it, it'll quickly incur damage until it eventually explodes. The mastermind, while potentially a powerful tool that you can use to strip units away from enemy forces, will undoubtedly prove to be the toughest Yuri unit to--don't mind the pun--master.
Lasher Tank:
Yuri's customized Lasher is a sleek, streamlined tank. Although lightly armored, its speed makes it ideal for devastating, hit-and-run attacks, and is also excellent as a "first-response team" for dealing with enemy vehicles knocking on your door. However, the Lasher performs poorly against infantry; its shell doesn't damage them much, so keep them clear of enemy GIs and Conscripts.

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