Soviet Units

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Author: Rob
Date: 11.12.04 @ 9:38 PM

There are 4 new Soviet Units in Yuri's Revenge.

Siege Chopper:
This helicopter unit blends air capability with a Soviet love for heavy-duty firepower. In the air, the Siege Chopper uses its machine gun to harass enemy units. The real fun begins when it lands, however. It's then that the Siege Chopper literally breaks out the big guns, deploying a 155 mm cannon that is excellent for pounding away at heavily fortified enemy installations. A must-have for any assault force, as long as it's well-escorted
Boris is the 'tanya' for the Soviet Side. He can take care of infantry with ease (like tanya) and can also call in air strikes to blow up buildings. As with all hero units, only one boris can be built at any time.
Spy Plane:
The Soviet Radar installation gives you access to the Soviet spy plane which can be used to uncover large amounts of the map etc..
Lunar Rocketeer:
This unit is used in the moon mission on Yuri's Revenge; it has a laser weapon that is useful against both structures and enemy units, but is weak against any form of air defense. It replaces the allied rocketeer in the moon mission, and is also used by the enemy in the mission. It is not available in skirmish mode.

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