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Author: Rob
Date: 03.12.04 @ 9:59 PM

Official Tournament Map Map Size: Medium-Large
Map Terrain: Centre Island with Four Connecting Bridges, Snow.
Recommended Side: Allies
Players: 2-4
Author: Rob
This map is an interesting map to play on as it allows for a lot of possibilities. The map is a quite large one - hence, in my opinion, the allies have the advantage on it. Whilst the Soviets obviously have an early advantage, you may find it a lot easier to capture the centre island with them, yet air attack is vital on this map - hence making the Soviets less popular.

The centre island contains one airport - surrounded by gems. Capturing it is certainly helpful as not only do you get the paradrop, you will also gain control of the gems - to capture the island you have a few options. Whatever option you choose you must act quickly. You can either send all of your units that you receive when you being to the island, or you can wait and build a few dogs then send them to guard the area until you have built and sent an engineer to capture the airport. Upon capturing the airport make sure that you place a pillbox down immediately - this will prevent enemy infantry/engineers from passing/capturing this airport - you may also consider building a patriot derrick/flak cannon there in order to defend against air attack - if you manage to secure the middle area properly then the enemy will have to attack via another route - they will have to go around the side of the map - either left or right, in order to reach you. One problematic feature that you will encounter when defending your base is the amount of entrances - there are several. Try to have at least one dog at each entrance in order to stop unwanted infantry from sneaking in.

There are several oil derricks on the map - they are around the edges of the lake - try to capture them as soon as possible - and as soon as you do make sure you place a pillbox next to the capture structure; if the opponent is allied and has rocketeers/other air units then you may wish to build a patriot derrick/flak cannon - this will prevent the enemy from destroying the derrick with his air units. If you manage to capture the four oil derricks then you certainly have a large advantage. However it is not likely that you will capture all 4 against a good player as a result of the fact that he will capture the two nearest to his base before you have a chance...

The ore fields on this map are located away from the base. Hence the harvesters are left vulnerable unless troops are left guarding them (which is very, very rarely the case). Hence there are a lot of possibilities to weaken the enemy's economy - if you are Soviets then the best bet is to use terror drones - with their speed you should be able to get them all around the map and next to the enemy ore fields before they are noticed by the opponent - if you are Soviet versus Soviet then send a group of drones - if you are Soviets Versus allies then send the equivalent of how many harvesters there are. The best option if you are playing allied is simply to play America and use a paradrop next to the ore field - if you also manage to capture the airport then you will have the ability to make two sets of paradrops at one time - if you manage to get 12-14 GI's deployed on the enemy ore field then they will find it difficult to capture control back.

The best form of attack on the map, as previously stated, is by air. The map has lots of large open expanses - such as where the bases are - hence it is quite easy to manoeuvre air units about the map whilst avoiding enemy air defenses. Rocketeers are certainly recommended on this map. They are vital in controlling the middle section of the map - hence the best build order for the allies is :

Powerplant Barracks Ore Refinery Air Force Command War Factory Battle Lab Ore Refinery
Obviously you will have to tailor the above build order to suit both your playing style and the game situation... The build order for the Soviets is basically the same but with the radar after the war factory and no battle lab.

Paradrops are deadly on this map as a result of the large expanses where the bases are located - it is very easy to make a paradrop behind the enemy base and then to sneak your GI's in the back and to then wreck the base - the only way to protect yourself against the aforementioned is to spread dogs around the area surrounding your bases or to surround your base with pillboxes (this option is rather costly hence the former option is recommended more so).. So if playing Allies you should play as either America or Korea - building a naval yard in the lake in the middle of the map is not really worth it - the lake is not large enough and any boats you build can be shot upon by land units - hence making them as good as useless.

An aggressive style is best suited to this map - if you play defensively then your opponent will capture the oil derricks and the airport - don't try turtling either - the other player will eventually be strong enough to defeat you no matter how many cannons you build - if you play as Soviets then the best option is the tank rush combined with a paradrop that you should get providing you capture the airport. If you play as Allies then you should secure the important points of the map with your air units - then you should build a battle lab then just pour out the mirage tanks with a few prism tanks. There is always the possibility of an engineer rush succeeding due to the large number of base entrances. Hence even if you appear to be losing, you can always get back into the game. Knowing the ins and outs of this map is important. I suggest you view it before you decided to play it online.

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