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» OS SHP Builder 3.3

Banshee has released a new version of his popular SHP editing tool for Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun. Here are the new additions:
  • Added: Right click painting support.
  • Added: Copy and Paste with transparency.
  • Added: 33 new RA2 cameo backgrounds.
There are also numerous bug fixes and updates, which can be read using the Read More link below. Interested? Download OS SHP Builder 3.3.

Full Text:

- Update: Brush tools have been re-coded and they render faster now.
- Update: Each quick tool has its own menu now. So, you\\\'ll see Selection, Dropper, Flood and Line menus now. It looks more organized now.
- Update: Help file has been properly updated to cover the right click, shift and transparency tricks hidden in the program. Check it out!
- Update: Community links now have links for events happening on this and on the next month. Also, added a link for ModEnc, a very nice encyclopedia for modders with ini troubles.
- Bug Fix: The program will no longer get instable when it fails to open SHP (TS) files. It will just display a warning that it can\\\'t open the file.
- Bug Fix: When you apply the changes and click cancel in the Preferences area, you will no longer loose the changes related to CCM, Loading, Saving and Palettes.
- Bug Fix: You may now be able to undo copy, paste and move operations.
- Bug Fix: Preview will now update the palette when you change it.
- Bug Fix: Fix access violations that could happen if you tried to access the last frames of the preview window after activating shadows.
- Bug Fix: Fixed graphical bugs with canvas resize box when you set very high values to top or negative sized images.
- Bug Fix: Mouse cursor will now follow the tool you are using whenever you change it or open/create a file.
- Bug Fix: The frame spin edit will now properly update when you start or open a file.
- Bug Fix: If you open files with building tools selected, the program will no longer display the brushing tools.

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