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Good evening all. We have a new Red Alert 3 article for your perusal. Written by our newest staff member Neo_James (with a little guidance from Paul), it discusses what EA should be aiming to achieve in terms of striking a balance between old titles and providing something innovative. It's obviously a topic of some debate, and the article makes for interesting reading..
"An unpolished work, Generals had good intentions, but got lost along the well-travelled route of big business. In terms of improvements, EA simply has to take the intentions of Generals and combine them with the clinical execution demonstrated in titles such as Red Alert 2."
I suggest you read on and would implore you to add your own thoughts in regard to the question. It's a very important one. I know personally that I want to see something much more like Red Alert 2 in terms of gameplay - something fast and furious. After playing several highly enjoyable games of it today, it struck me that I will probably never become bored with the game - because of the sheer pace of the gameplay. You're always on your toes (right jacko3334, Paul?!).

As for what's being worked on at the minute, there are a few things in development. We've all been pretty busy recently, as you may have noticed. I've got a bit of free time coming up so I've started working on a few exciting projects, that should prove very useful when they're up and running. Jim has started work on an article, but given his hectic schedule, it's anybodys guess as to when that'll be ready (he still found time for me to beat him five times in a row on RA2 last night though). Ash did also start an interesting article, but I fear hes had a severe case of writer's block.

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