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Well, I'm a little bored in class today, so I figured that this opportunity would be a great time to post some community news. Without further delay, here is the latest from around the community!
  • CNCDen has some new ZH updates to watch for the latest version of Zero Hour.
  • Derelict Studios has a new video to promote all of their mods.
  • RADen has a bunch of new YR maps to download.
  • The True War mod has released a model of its Abrams tank.
  • CannisRules has released a picture of its updated demolition truck for its YR mod.
  • The Tiberian Sun Rising mod team is looking for some help.
  • CnC Source is getting ready to open up a mod section to bring C&C to the Unreal Tournament game.
  • CNC Unleashed has a new newsie.
  • C&C World Rebellion has added the T-84 MBT into its mod.
Thats all the news I have for you all now. Enjoy!

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