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» Yuriko Omega Unit Spotlight

EA has spotlighted the Empire's hero unit, Yuriko Omega, aka psionic school girl.

The power of the mind -- Yuriko needs no conventional weapons, for her mind is more than enough. She may levitate and crush even the largest tank; topple even the most firmly-rooted structure; cast aside entire infantry platoons; and drag even the most stubborn aircraft down into the ground.

Levitation -- As if to flaunt her psychic ability, Yuriko appears never to resort to normal-human means of locomotion. Instead, she hovers aloft roughly a meter off the ground. Apart from being impressive, this means she can traverse land and sea with equal disregard.

Psychokinetic burst -- In theory, a platoon of trained soldiers should be capable of overwhelming Yuriko Omega. In practice, Yuriko Omega seems able to occasionally channel massive amounts of psionic energy into some sort of attack that sends men flying as if from an incredible explosion.

Sole survivor -- It is believed that Yuriko Omega is indeed a unique individual in the Imperial military, rather than a member of a group, as there appears to be only one of her. There is no compelling reason to believe that carbon-copied "clones" of her exist, as only one of her has ever been spotted in a single place.

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