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» Sgt_DubV Has Arrived (View)02:06 10.06.06

» ***YOUR THOUGHTS*** (View)11:51 24.05.06
its a wicked game...
its fantasy so i like it, it suits my taste ah....
i like going the "undead team" they are evil as fuck !!!!

» XMEN OR PLAYBOY (View)15:35 22.05.06

Originally posted by Gen_Lodish...

Originally posted by DISGORGE...
how the hell did u manage 2 get one of the palyboy chicks over 2 ur house?????
dam next time ones comming over invite me !!! lol

would you travel all the way to P-Town from Napier just for that?

Depends were p_town is ???? lol

» XMEN OR PLAYBOY (View)12:27 22.05.06
how the hell did u manage 2 get one of the palyboy chicks over 2 ur house?????
dam next time ones comming over invite me !!! lol

» ***YOUR THOUGHTS*** (View)12:25 22.05.06
war craft 3 is awsome !!!! its fun and u can make ur heros do magic spells and shit its wicked, havent played it in a while though..

age of empires 3 looks sweet i havent played it yet but i want 2 sometime soon

» Anyone get into Boyracing? (View)12:23 22.05.06
i dont myself....i dont find i get along with boyracers much ah...
personally i think thiers nothing better then a v8..

they are alot more better then those crappy japaneese rice rocket cars what are about as strong as an alaminium bake bean tin...

Happy hehe

» What is your opinion on Helen Clark Kiwi's? (View)12:20 22.05.06
im not so into politics my self, but all i can say is i hate hellen clark, i think she has done nothing good for this country other then fucking it up big time and over taxing us, i thin she is a usless cunt and all she cares about is screwing as much money out of us as she can so her and the rest of the labour goverment can have an extra big piss up at the end of year christmas party !!!!

» ***Disappointment For [NZSC] members*** (View)12:13 22.05.06
If it was refearing to me as one of the person. u have 2 realise and i said before i joined the clan, i am a busy person and generals isnt the most important thing in my life i do have alot of other things what i have 2 do also,
when i get the time i love 2 play generals and i cant wait till we have clan battles etc, but at this point i dont really see myself needing to take a huge part in this forum at the moment because tehir is nothing to really state or reply 2...untill we have more clan functions and clan news etc their isnt really alot to be said, thats my 2 cents worth anyway