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» different production processes (View)11:19 17.10.17
greatly speeding up the construction speed. New building materials performance and function vary, the production of new building materials, raw materials and process methods are also different. In terms of its development, some varieties focus on the color, color varieties after another, such as decoration materials; some varieties focus
on functions, such as insulation materials; some by deep processing derived from a number of varieties, such as new building plate The Take a new type of building plate as an example. At present, there are dozens of new building slabs, including gypsum board, glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) board, non-asbestos silicon calcium board is
the largest production and application of the three most popular new building plate. These three kinds of plates are not only the raw materials used in different production processes, its performance and function are also different. Such as gypsum board main raw materials for the gypsum and face paper, suitable for the inner wall panels and
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» region uses camphor (View)09:53 17.10.17
is, our country northern region uses camphor tree child of loose anticorrosive wood be in the majority, and our country southern region,plastic wood fencing anticorrosive south of more comfortable operable United States is loose anticorrosive wood. Full continent in the wood export such as club of port ice cream increases compared to the same period duple 1-2 month is

full 2017 continent in driveway and walkway paver red brick 24-inch x 8-inch port lumber kind commodity is exported in all 167 batch, 3285 tons, 3.945 million dollar. With score of photograph of the corresponding period did not grow 111.39% last year, 134.48% with 203.08% . Continue to continue growth posture, and amplitude is tremendous. Lumber treatment industry is Building Privacy Panels With Pallets full continent in advantage

of predestined relationship of support port ground, make full use of to import resource and develop the characteristic property that rise, Outdoor Deck Design For Wall through development of ten years, lumber machined an industry to have great progress, expression is in treatment capacity rises year of lumber gradually, product structure is optimized

» the wood board, plastic cutting board, (View)09:14 17.10.17
is better? & Nbsp; MDF & nbsp; MDF "MDF is MDF, it is based on wood fiber or other plant fiber As a raw material, broken, fiber separation, drying urea urea after application or other suitable adhesive, and then made by hot pressing a man-made sheet. Advantages: material is relatively small, cut the edge of the edge will be sealed well, and will not be easy to open plastic. Easy to crush into a variety of shapes, easy to do modeling, so usually do more door
or backplane. Disadvantages: because the substrate is the powder as raw materials, the use of glue than the particle board, more likely to produce environmental problems. Secondly, due to the density of the adhesive plate, the internal structure of the space is less, less moisture resistance, soak a density of 24 hours in the water, more than ten hours later clearly see the density board four sides raised up, deformation. Second, the solid wood particle board solid wood
particle board, is made of wood or other lignocellulosic material scrap, after the application of adhesive in the heat and pressure under the action of synthetic wood-based panel. Principle and density board is the same. Advantages: (1) solid wood particles inside the cross-shaped structure of the particles. So the nail force is good, you can nail round nails, screws. These machinability is significantly better than MDF. (2) solid wood particle density is higher, the board
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» the output of major products (View)09:02 17.10.17
the past two years continued high growth in cement exports fell for the first time this year, exports 2.84 million tons, down 26.5%; cement clinker exports 4.88 million tons, up 24.2% The 6, investment: the whole industry to complete investment in fixed assets 32.8 billion yuan, an increase of 41.4%.
Among them, cement 6.93 billion yuan, up 39.4%; flat glass 1.19 billion yuan, down 22.8%. The total number of construction projects 2270, an increase of 476; of which 916 new projects, an increase of 81. (B) the main features First, the growth rate has come down.
In the first two months, the output value of building materials and the output of major products increased rapidly, and the increase was more than the same period last year, but the increase began to decrease in March, including the increase of cement production.
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» Strengthen the floor maintenance of the whole Raiders (View)08:15 17.10.17
Into the fall, the sun is still high. In this case, the most common problem of strengthening the wood floor is to shrink away from the seam. This is because in the high temperature state,bend a board edging dealers the wood within the water is easy to volatilize, resulting in the volume of the floor shrinkage phenomenon, as well as the floor splicing gap widening, and even worse, will make the mouth from the crack.
Even if air conditioning is turned on to no avail. Because air conditioning is equivalent to a dehumidifier, long time to use air conditioning blowing the floor, the same will make the floor dry,how to build a small wood patio deck causing contraction problems. There is also a summer floor can not be ignored "killer" is the sun exposure, close to the balcony or the edge of the window was exposed to the sun, often appear from the seam, the film will blister, discoloration, or even from.
Autumn to strengthen the wooden floor of the "dark" method should pay attention to three points: First of all, if the home to install the wooden floor, must be someone to stay, if it can not immediately stay, but also often keep the room ventilation, breathable, heat. Second, the home air conditioning as far as possible not to face the floor blowing,anti slip decking wood plastic if you feel dry room, you can properly humidify. Finally, the owner should go out when the curtains should be pulled, do not let the sun direct sun to the floor.

» floor from the arch (View)07:14 17.10.17
residual stains can be wiped with a damp cloth or with a rag dipped in the right amount of floor cleaning agent to wipe; wipe the stains, Do not use strong acid and alkali liquid cleaning solid wood flooring. When the season comes, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is larger, the climate will be more dry. Due to the structural
characteristics of the wood itself, the floor in the case of large temperature difference, prone to deformation, cracking and so on. Especially when crossing the winter, the floor will be due to indoor humidity is too large or too small, the temperature is too high or too low to produce expansion or contraction phenomenon, this phenomenon is
mainly reflected in the floor from the arch and cracking. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers pay attention to take the necessary measures to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. Solid wood flooring color and pattern is very rich, the floor after a long period of use, due to the use of reasons, will cause a certain color
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» Solid wood flooring a variety of problem solutions (View)07:07 17.10.17
1, moth: because the insects in the wood bite, the floor surface can often see a pile of powder, annoying. The reason, with the floor material selection. To prevent the moth-eaten,interior stair railing kits modern one is to buy through the drying kiln steaming process to produce the floor, although the price is more expensive, but the wood has been killed in all the eggs; the second is carefully selected keel, where there are insects or bark , All do not.
2, Pa sewing: some flooring over a few days, there will be a large gap between the slats. This is mostly related to the high moisture content before the laying of the floor,discontinued decking for sale due to indoor high temperature or air drying and shrink. Note that the moisture content of the floor before laying should be 8% -13% range, and after the shop to be timely oil.
3, the sound: the quality of the floor laying is not high, people walking around will be issued a crunch of sound, after hearing very uncomfortable. To this end, we should pay attention to the keel and the ground, between the floor and keel firmly, with the number and length of nails appropriate. At the same time,backyard patio wood plastic floor to prevent the keel spacing is too large or moisture content is too high, otherwise the laying of dry shrinkage loose, will also cause a certain impact.

» lines of the market (View)05:52 17.10.17
materials to the countryside' on the floor investment and floor agents, the countryside route will become a firm new direction. What are the new requirements in the new market environment where we need special attention? The first issue is the product and the price. We all know that the countryside is a huge virgin land, but the farmers
need what you like, it is not so clear in the chest. Speaking of rural use of timber, if only to stay in the tiles or even cement, then out of the. According to the building materials to the countryside to investigate, in the floor needs to strengthen the floor accounted for 56%, solid wood composite flooring accounted for 20%, the other 16%,
bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring 4%. Now a lot of three or four lines of the market, such as the coastal areas of the rural market, not only has a large number of used to strengthen the floor, wear, comfort, cost-effective solid wood flooring is also a few, the above survey of these two products accounted for the total demand of 76
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» floor of the room (View)04:53 17.10.17
transition should be installed connection, transition joints should be reserved expansion joints, the door should be cut off. Ordinary mouth floor: from the left side of the room to install the first row of the floor, there will be a slot to the side of the wall, adding special pad (at the end of the pavement should be removed), set aside 8 to 12 mm
telescopic gap; Measure the length of the floor required for the first row of tail, set aside 8 to 12 mm after the expansion joints, saw off the excess. Saw less than 300 mm length of the floor as the second row of the floor of the blank, adjacent two rows of short joints between the floor is not less than 300 mm. The last row of each row and
the last row of the floor of the room shall be pryed with special tools. Locking floor: as far as possible from the door of the room to start the installation of the first row of the floor, there will be tongue side of the face, add a special pad (at the end of the pavement should be removed), set aside 8 to 12 mm expansion joints. Measure the
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» Practical method of wood floor maintenance (View)04:15 17.10.17
No matter how beautiful the woman, should be maintained in order to be more young. No matter how luxurious wood composite wood flooring, home decoration, but also to maintain the "beauty" in order to bright,fence and deck stain pictures experts teach you a few strokes and home practical maintenance rules.
We mentioned here, "beauty" is a can make wood composite floor, the whole family icing on the cake of the process. After the renovation,ironing board storage cabinet for their own health and clean room, after moving into the home to do the first thing is to give it a thorough "cleansing."
In the home life, we all hope that everything at home looks clean, but there are still many people ignore the importance of proper cleanliness. In the parquet walking to wear soft soled shoes,out deco screens outdoors in cyprus news do not drag the soles in the above, otherwise it will cause the solid wood composite floor wood paint thinner, shorten the service life. Special emphasis on cleaning the solid wood flooring should pay attention to the dryness of the mop, avoid the mop when the water is saturated, so as to avoid deformation of solid wood flooring.

» professional overall home designers to design (View)03:11 17.10.17
but also must take into account the overall style of home improvement. Therefore, the overall home for the professional designers more dependent. Enterprises need a professional overall home designers to design products, consumers also need them to carry out unified planning and design. At present, the whole wood home improvement business is not the lack of a single product design experience, but the overall space design control ability is insufficient. Most of
the enterprise design still remain in the product design and supporting, and did not form a perfect overall space design concept. Therefore, this requires enterprises in the design to be more professional, from the overall grasp of product design, home design, to ensure product quality and home effect. 3, high demand for services in the highly competitive home market, if the same product quality and function similar to the final fight is the service. Product pre-sale (design,
production), after-sales (construction, installation) service system is perfect or not, directly determine and affect the survival and development of the state. Especially for the whole wood home improvement, how to make consumers enjoy the satisfaction of services is essential. Whole wood home improvement products involved more and more complex, the service is more difficult. The signing is only the first step of the whole process, from the order to complete
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» through the Ministry (View)02:59 17.10.17
seven install. In the past, there was no clear stipulation on the installation of the floor. This year will be the specification of the wooden flooring pavement market. The national standard 'wooden flooring pavement specification' GB / T20238-2006 and the 'Technical Specification for Wood Flooring Pavement' (CECS191: 2005 ) Has
been introduced at the same time, will make the wooden floor pavement to follow the rules. The first batch of elephant floor installation technicians through the Ministry of Construction, China Forest Products Industry Association, China Engineering Construction Standardization Committee training, examination, will continue to hold
certificates.Floor is durable consumer goods, buy home wood flooring is only a semi-finished products, only through science, the correct installation to reflect its perfect value. In addition, due to the natural characteristics of wood, affected by the climate, some changes to go through a certain season to show it. So the floor after-sales
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» understand how to packaging corporate (View)02:42 17.10.17
to get all kinds of concessions and support. Second, pay attention to corporate image - packaging a little bit with the consumer goods industry mature brand operation is different from the majority of small and medium enterprises building materials do not have brand awareness,
do not understand how to packaging corporate image. Even without your opening, just from the clerk handed the business card design, was seen as a small business. In fact, small and medium enterprises do not need to invest too much, as long as the packaging business every detail.
business card design, sample books, vehicles, corporate VI system and other aspects to reflect the corporate image, and enterprises in the dealer, engineering customers contact the first Time to show every detail, you can give each other a shocking big brand feeling.
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» Vietnam lumber reached (View)02:18 17.10.17
tremendous, the export total that predicts Vietnam lumber reached wood 2017 will amount to 8 billion dollar. Industry of Liaoning cover for deck floor gloomy forest installs real wood from home of whole of transition of window of door of single fact wood custom-built In last few years, add in economy fast below the case that puts demand of delay, market to

glide, limited wood flooring exterior pool decking company still held job of Liaoning gloomy forest relatively driving development posture. Arrive from traditional product zoology environmental protection product, the real wood that from single fact wooden door window installs to integral home is custom-built, the company adjusts product structure and round fence post and square fence posts sale development direction

ceaselessly, increase transition to upgrade pace, was on high-quality goods to change, the way that the brand changes development. Walk into industry of exterior and interior building fence Liaoning gloomy forest the manufacturing workshop of limited company, the product line of the real wood product such as each wood door, floor is moving in order. Gao Yang of company

» choose a larger face (View)16:23 16.10.17
network sales compression of the traditional marketing of the intermediate links, so that the distance between consumers and brands shortened, so the price of the product can be further reduced. There was an entrepreneur veteran in the chat that if the compression of the intermediate links, in the same sales situation, all products 50% off
sales, my profit is the same. This is not to say that the floor business to engage in online price war, but to squeeze out the traditional channels of waste that part of the money, so well-known network brand. Third, the network sales so that consumers choose a larger face. In a floor store, if the 200 square, then it is a big shop, and such a
large shop inventory, logistics, site rent, staff is a much larger than the expenditure, but in the network store, the consumer You can easily browse all the floor color, so that the choice of consumers to further expand the surface. Fourth, the network sales to the brand's sales coverage to further expand. There is a network where we have sales
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» Floor wax purchase (View)14:59 16.10.17
Water-like wax optional: do not dilute, spray directly on the floor, until the dry (about 20 minutes) and then drag the plate can be polished. Features are relatively fast,wood plastic composite 4x4 posts pay attention to uniform when spraying, bright in general, with the floor after the slide. Due to the large amount, and not safe (surface slip), only suitable for daily cleaning.
Spray cans wax purchase: also known as non-rubbing high-gloss wax. Do not dilute, spray directly on the floor or spray on a dry towel,anti termites outdoor wall panels pricing and then wipe clean with a towel. Features are fast, spray evenly, the effect is obvious, very bright. Due to the huge amount (each tank can only use about 10 square meters), not suitable for the floor.
Solid wax purchase: no dilution, you need to use the sponge smear on the floor, until after the dry (about 40 minutes) and then use a towel can be polished. Characterized by the formation of a layer of wax film. The floor has a protective function, with the floor after the sticky slip. Due to the need for special polishing,widely used wpc fence panel only suitable for very few people have been trampled on the long-term use of this wax in the floor to the pursuit of traditional floor effect. Not suitable for new flooring.

» the whole wood furniture. More furniture related (View)14:46 16.10.17
the cabinet at the top. The above is Xiaobian introduced the whole wood furniture, furniture, maintenance methods, we hope that everyone can focus on the maintenance of the whole wood furniture. More furniture related knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Whole wood home in the country has a very long history, its embodiment in China is mainly Chinese decoration. The whole wood home generally includes solid wood
staircase, solid wood doors, solid wood flooring and a series of solid wood furniture. So how to buy the whole house home? 1, environmental standards, the whole wood furniture unique luxury atmosphere, in the premise of the beautiful atmosphere first of all to pay attention to your purchase of the whole wood furniture is environmentally friendly. National green environmental standards is a measure of the standard of the whole wood furniture, according to
the standard to determine whether the formaldehyde-free, formaldehyde-free release. 2, pay attention to the edge of the process in the election of the whole house when the wood must see the edge of the original board, a hand touch edge there is no sense of concavity, depends on whether the seal is sealed, excellent home is close with the edge Combined with the corner of the plate can not see the black line and sawtooth India, no gap, sealed, home and edge is
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» peculiar tree plants (View)13:35 16.10.17
division, originate in Hainan western with the south. Child Beijing is peculiar tree plants Hainan. Because of its tree juice is shown sanguine,wood fence panel for free reason tree of renown dragon blood. According to legend, its cultivate juice to be able to enrich the blood fitness, when local minority is being borne, often pare the its bark water that boil is

drunk. Child Beijing is artificially spindles for decks belonged to constant green tree, woodiness is particularly hard, do not be afraid of borer, be able to bear or endure again cankered. Child the woodiness of Beijing is rufous, grain is straight, the structure is sent closely, material is qualitative tough, very heavy, dry hind not contractive, Anti Slip Eco Friendly Flooring little craze, be

able to bear or endure corrupt capability is strong, for one of serious commodity capable person, child Beijing hundred years not corrupt, Build A Wooden Platform For An Above Ground Pool hard be like iron, enter water not float, press changeless form, chiliad can keep in good condition, element has green rolled steel say. In Hainan, slope base, child Beijing, mother unripe, Hua Li and wild

» The advantages of bamboo flooring (View)12:44 16.10.17
Bamboo flooring and wood flooring are all natural materials, environmental protection and health functions have a certain advantage, then the bamboo floor is good or wood floor is good? In the actual use of bamboo flooring in health has a certain advantage, bamboo flooring with automatic Adjust and maintain the temperature,панели для пвх панелей для продажи Dongnuanxialiang and other characteristics, long-term use can effectively reduce rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease.
Bamboo flooring texture has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, can effectively reduce the occurrence of myopia. At the same time bamboo flooring also has sound-absorbing, noise, reduce the sound pressure, bamboo floor itself has a moderate hardness,8-футовый кедровый забор to avoid falls, to avoid allergic asthma, eliminate fatigue and many other features.
With the social progress, people for high quality lifestyle sought after deepening, and now the market floor style, type, material and so are different,открытый водонепроницаемый деревянный лист для продажи and now the market is more common is the bamboo flooring and wood flooring, then the bamboo floor is good or wood The floor is good? Xiao Bian This comparison from the performance of the two, bamboo flooring in the structure of the original fiber and straight fiber arrangement, distortion performance better than the wood floor.
Bamboo flooring flexural strength of up to 1300 kg / cubic centimeter, 2-3 times the wood floor, bamboo floor moisture treatment than the wood floor uniform shrinkage of small shrinkage coefficient is low. Wood floor expansion deformation rate of bamboo flooring 2 times. Bamboo itself has a certain flexibility,композитный 2x4 пластиковый деревянный пол в Катаре can effectively ease the foot to bear the gravity, to a certain extent, eliminate fatigue.

» no matter what (View)11:57 16.10.17
to deformation, cracking, wood block is bigger, the whole, the more prone to this situation, if the sub-large, can reduce the wood products deformation, cracking the possibility of many The production of solid wood furniture manufacturers should cut large pieces of wood into small pieces and then teeth together, it is also the reason.
Maintenance method to be twice a year to play wax no matter what kind of solid wood furniture, the surface is solid wood, so maintenance methods are the same. In peacetime, first wipe the surface with a dry wiping the dust, and then two dirty wipes to clean it. During the year, it would suffice for you to thoroughly carry out twice with
wax. Now, many supermarkets selling furniture wax can achieve the corresponding effect. If the daily use of the process, accidentally damaged the solid wood furniture, such as scratches, defects, reputable manufacturers are generally back to the factory maintenance, warranty period does not charge any fees. Exhibition name: 2011 China
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