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happyworkIconconsumption of laminate flooring transparent01:23 15.11.17 

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requirements; Second, the purchase should have a sense of quality and quality of identification methods; Third, some common quality problems, such as non-wear-resistant, easy to expand Wait. These contents of consumers to buy laminate flooring has a good guiding role. In other words, the Quality White Paper makes the
production and consumption of laminate flooring transparent. With a reference standard, manufacturers will be very difficult to operate secretly, and consumers in the purchase, use will also be based on evidence. Buy floor to strengthen the attention to wear resistance 'Quality White Paper' on the quality control of laminate flooring made
clear the requirements, then consumers should pay attention to what specific indicators when buying it? It is understood that the key to strengthening the floor depends on the wear-resistant turn Number (wear resistance), its level determines the floor life. Wear resistance is generally divided into the initial wear resistance value, the final wear
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