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chenchen12495IconPaulownia wood furniture is more tough, not easy11:37 13.10.17 

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decoration network.Paulownia wood is a very common wood for the production of furniture, but also known as the "Phoenix wood." What is the advantages and disadvantages of the furniture made of paulownia wood? Paulownia wood furniture and pine which is good? First, Paulownia wood furniture, the advantages and disadvantages of Paulownia wood made of furniture has a lot of advantages. The first thing to mention is that the growth period of paulownia
wood is relatively short, the growth rate is relatively fast, the distribution of the distribution area is also very wide, only five years can be useful for use, so Paulownia wood this material is relatively easy Get the price is relatively more cost-effective. Corrosion-resistant, Naisuan Jian, wear-resistant Paulownia wood furniture is also a very important advantage, which greatly protect the use of Paulownia wood made of furniture, can be more at ease, and can use the
period And more secure. In addition, paulownia itself with delicate soft texture, so it has a very beautiful pattern, it seems very aura, by many consumers love. In terms of shortcomings, in fact, Paulownia made of furniture are relatively light, many people do not like this material, it is because the Paulownia wood furniture, and no other wood made of heavy feeling. Second, paulownia wood furniture and pine which is a lot of people are asking, Paulownia wood
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