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happyworkIconExplore the use of waste furniture resources11:48 19.06.17 

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August 1 last year, Shenzhen City, the implementation of "garbage classification and reduction management approach", proposed the establishment of a unified collection and disposal of waste furniture system area. The main approach is to take the municipal cleaning or clearing service enterprises to send and receive,plastic chair table set price in india commissioned waste furniture processing business booking home recycling, etc., unified collection of waste furniture, after the appropriate dismantling into the garbage collection and transportation channels and transport, and actively explore Promote the use of waste furniture resources.
Shenzhen approach from the local level of legislation to crack the "waste furniture where to throw" and "waste furniture transport difficult, high freight" problem. The city has become the first in Zhejiang Province to exercise the local legislative power of one of the city,dining room furniture sets with hutch and the city's waste reduction and disposal work has been walking in the province and the forefront of the country. So, whether it can be further refined in the garbage classification, the waste furniture as one of the important content, and through local legislation to be clear. In this way, the people disposal of waste furniture is no longer like a headless flies, resource utilization will also be possible. From the environmental point of view, the recycling of raw materials on the recycling of raw materials is still very meaningful.
I believe that for these also has the value, not easy to recover the garbage, the first should establish the corresponding city regulations, whether it is related to the property sector or individual, should be prohibited from discarding. The city to establish waste recycling system,stainless steel dining table sets commissioned by the municipal cleaning or recycling of furniture recycling business booking home recycling by the waste disposal company will be the old furniture decomposition, according to metal, glass, fabric, leather and other materials use, to the relevant units for re-processing, Which may be able to achieve re-use of resources.

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