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happyworkIconcolor, after color, brush besmear10:36 27.03.17 

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resistance, waterproof can compressive performance is strong, long service life.4, oak floor has the characteristic such as heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation, insulation, and oak solid wood floor has the advantage that the warm in winter and cool in summer, catered to the modern family, enjoy the life of the psychological needs for comfort.Oak floor shortcomings: 1, wood is scarce, the price is
more expensive, for now, the oak is only in our country, hainan, yunnan minority areas, such as jilin province minority have distribution, and the high quality wood.Our most used to make oak floor needs to be imported from abroad (Russia, the United States), the scarcity of material makes the oak floor price is quite expensive.2, due to the oak wood is scarce, the cost of imports from abroad, so some black
commercial to fake oak wood, oak and counterfeit is easy to draw, and Nick is difficult to repair and after the treatment, serious damage to the interests of consumers.3 hard wood, oak floor, once stained with water after the water infiltration in the floor is difficult to take off the net, time is long the floor will be out of shape or craze.Oak floor, the latest price list: oak floor price on the market at present is in 400
outdoor kennel deck
how many square feet are in a 20 foot deck
hdpe lumber online

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