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wangkikyIconlumber structure character09:11 16.02.17 

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3, exquisite, material weighs lumber structure character hard. New tangent plane, grain of the colour and lustre after sailing upstream and chrysanthemum pear are more adjacent,Medicinal powder Kong Cai, tubal hole is very small. Heart alburnum distinction is clear,how to build homemade pvc outdoor furniture when duramen is fresh cinnamon, long become dark rufous or amaranthine Brown, often have black streak. Grow annulus not apparent. Axial draws near below magnifier of thin wall organization tubal shape.

Wooden ray sees 10ft wood replacement ballpark slightly below naked eye. Gas does density 0.97-0.99 to overcome / cubic centimeter. Intensity is high, hardness is taller, machine slightly difficult, paint or cerated performance are good. Appropriate makes chair kind, bed kind, the furniture of advanced and classic craft such as top bin, Exterior Wood Plastic Floor For Sale sofa, mensal, desk, stair armrest, solid board.

Below microscope section observes, ray of organization of its axial thin wall, wood with Hainan chrysanthemum pear (fall sweet yellow wingceltis) have very big distinction. Be in macroscopical on, according to the experience that Mu You sums up, although essence of hollow core composite decking life singles out the violet oily wood with close of chrysanthemum pear grain, its also are distinguished somewhat with Hainan chrysanthemum pear in the color after oxidation, violet oily wood more show for puce.

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