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xiao1236Iconpanama book steamer lades02:35 06.02.17 

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On November 10, panama book steamer lades pine of New Zealand radiate reachs commercial and transportation center of head of beautiful island Pu 12 thousand times, this is decorative tropical materials this year of beautiful island harbor boat of log of the 24th foreign trade. It is reported, this year 1-11 month, pu cropland port imports bulk log in all 359 thousand stere,

forty-four million five hundred and eighty-three thousand dollar, than adding 67.0% with 67.4% ; Container lumber 72 thousand stere, sixteen million six hundred and ninety-four thousand outdoor wood wall paneling disadvantages dollar, than adding 176.9% with 95.9% . As we have learned, pu cropland area under administration imports log stability to grow main reason this year is fall after a rise of perch of foreign lumber price,

the log price such as pine of North America material, radiate reached high point 2014 hind, all appear of certain level glide, reduced the manufacturing cost of the enterprise, cover up my concrete slab patio effective stimulation machines the import demand of the enterprise downstream. To support Pu cropland city " 336 " project, pu Tian examines quarantine bureau cooperates local government actively on one hand,

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