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RobIconJack reaches 2 stars12:07 06.12.05 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

12:08 06.12.05 - Edited

Congratulations go to Jacko3334 who has reached his 2 star reputation badge.

The majority of Jack's points have come from his excellent collection of battle reports, which contain matches with many of the best RA2 players of today.

He is one of the longest standing members of the site, and we certainly appreciate having him around.

Well done!
jacko3334Icon...12:20 06.12.05 

 Reps: 509

#51, 281 Posts

I thought this day would never come, and now its arrived I must say I'm very sensible of the honour. It's been a pleasure, to be sure, but I've still got to say the pinnacle of my acheivements here is Rob's decision to immortalise my dad in his new XWIS ladder account.
PaulIcon...18:05 06.12.05 

( . Y . )

 Reps: 465

#2, 317 Posts

That name is genius, to be fair.

Especially considering it's ranked well under 100. Class.

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