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jamo66NXCIconthe start00:59 06.12.05 

 Reps: 25

#558, 9 Posts

01:02 06.12.05 - Edited

ok here is the start to this thing lol . when i know more about this we can buid the ren clan matches from here, if anyone can help our clan get started on here we would be very gr8full
zepherNXCIcon...03:23 06.12.05 

 Reps: 16

#561, 4 Posts

i'm not sure how to navigate all this, i'm surprised i found this...

i say we should keep our forums

for those of you that don't know us, we can be found here:


RobIcon...10:10 06.12.05 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

10:11 06.12.05 - Edited

If you have any suggestions for improving the navigation of the system then I'm all ears.

You usually enter your clan area by clicking on 'My Clan' at the top left under your 'My CNCSeries' area. From here you can access the member list, any news and content - plus the forum if there is one.

You can also access the area from this link:

Whilst we encourage you to use our forum, if you want to stay using your own then that's fine. You may wish to make use of the news/content system for example - or even the battle reports system to record details of your games.

P.S. To help link any URLs you post, make sure you put the relevant BB Code around them ( [ url ] and [ /url ] without the spaces).

P.P.S. Welcome!
jamo66NXCIcon...13:46 08.12.05 

 Reps: 25

#558, 9 Posts

13:49 08.12.05 - Edited

thanks for the help rob. we are getting the hang of it now lol.Grin

p.s were in uk are you, i'm from barry
RobIcon...19:41 08.12.05 


Reps: 1598

#1, 928 Posts

Good to hear.

I'm from Lancashire mate, near Southport to be precise (out in the sticks basically). I also live in Manchester for uni, so not too far away from Wales Happy

Not that I'd want to go there Wink Only kidding.

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