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happyworkIconSelection of construction machinery11:16 04.01.17 

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Selection and synchronization of gravel seal car supporting machinery, asphalt gravel seal construction usually step-by-step and synchronous two construction methods, prohibit the use of artificial spreading asphalt or spreading gravel.
The finished lower layer should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all loose materials, debris and dust, to prevent the sprayed asphalt from being wrapped by dust to form an isolation layer, and to keep the lower layer dry; secondly, according to the width of the original road surface and Equipment construction capacity, to determine a reasonable number of construction and width of each construction. Construction should be selected ruler, determine the reference to the driver to follow the reference to walk. Before the construction, should be supporting the operation of the mechanical calibration, testing to determine the steps and equipment to meet the design requirements; adjust the spray nozzle and the sprinkler pipe to determine the width of the construction should be to reduce the number of construction to reduce the number of vertical joints; Angle, adjust the width of the sprayed asphalt pavement and spread the same stone width; check the stone sprinkler material outlet is blocked. Finally, before construction, the construction site should be strictly in accordance with the "road maintenance safety operating procedures" and "provincial highway maintenance in Gansu Province construction safety management regulations (Trial)" in the provisions to ensure construction safety. The process can not be arbitrarily changed.
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