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xiao1236Icon"Lock" floor installation more convenient02:09 15.12.16 

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Winter is coming, and people are beginning to prepare for the winter. Home, as a resting place for the warmth of its every corner of the decoration will show a distinctive feeling. Of course, in the purchase of beautiful furniture, home decoration at the same time, do not forget to give your home the floor design about the image, so that the whole family from the inside to the outside through the winter fashion.
China is not only humid climate, and the family useful wet cloth mopping the habit, so the glue has become a necessary measure to protect the floor. However, the current European market, most of the design is only suitable for lock the floor in Europe, the floor is no plastic cavity design, the United States is now produced lock the floor is designed for Chinese families living habits, moisture significantly enhanced.
4. Repeated disassembly and repeated use of innovative locking floor, easy to install, a "shoot" that is, seamless. Installation, you can not glue, easy to use several times; can also be applied a small amount of glue, moisture and the floor of the floor to play a dual role in protection.
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