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chenchen12495IconStone into a new business card industry10:36 09.12.16 

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The end of the year is now, usually all walks of life review the results of the time, in this year, China's stone building materials industry to rely on technological progress, the introduction of talent, and a wood polymer composite panel uk number of policy support, continue to grow and develop, Many have made a lot of money performance. Throughout the development trend of stone industry in recent years, environmental protection and energy conservation has become a new topic and continue to be respected in recent years, much popular stone, it is "green stone" an important epitome. The raw materials of the stone are used composite decking products generally made of natural marble, and the shell and glass are added as auxiliary materials. Usually, the organic resin is used as the cementing agent. After vacuum stirring and high-pressure stirring, the process is not simple. , Often require room temperature curing, sawing, grinding, polishing and many other technologies to complement each other, in order to eventually become the glamor we attractive composite deck wholesale have seen the charm of finished stone products.

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