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meishengchaoIconshare of three percent06:49 28.11.16 

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As the year to create "an elephant to drive an industry," the myth, in 2005, E0 marking the objective of the dispute to promote the Chinese wood flooring industry to enhance technological progress, low formaldehyde content of E0 products sought after by consumers, to seize the The annual sales of more than 10 billion yuan of wood plastic composite granules in india laminate flooring market share of three percent, the unit price from the beginning of the high of 119 yuan to 69 yuan low, consumers naturally have been affordable.

However, industry experts believe that this dispute not only highlights the Chinese laminate flooring industry in the serious lack of intellectual property awareness, but also exposed the standardization of construction management is lagging behind. E0 to ask why, formaldehyde content of a code, whether it is "Rhine Sunshine"Wood Plank Concrete Patio or "Dekor", are sparing no effort to promote E0 logo, the two sides of the product LOGO also passed the exquisite design, "E0" two capital letters juxtaposed in Circular graphics and occupies a prominent position, with a strong visual impact.

However, a year ago, China's laminate flooring industry and consumers do not know what E0, its popularity and reputation is almost zero. In fact, E0 is a symbol, the former is the Types Of Deck Step Styles German Kenuo Wood Group's internal control standards, at present, in order to improve the global EO layout of Kono, the protection of the Group's technology, we will E0 trademark, brand, it represents Ultra-low formaldehyde content, "said Yang Zhiming, China's director of marketing for China.

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